Monday, June 11, 2007

I've Got Your Toothache Right Here!

    I got a kick out of this when I saw it on BoingBoing

    So, give it up for Tessa and her pink ukulele as she brings a little pre-school angst to a Julie Andrews classic (and, stick around until the end of this 30-second clip to witness Tessa unleash an amazing shred-fest of a ukulele solo.  Kid's got mad skillz, yo!).

    Rock on, Tessa!


  1. LOL... very sweet in a rockin cool way!

    be well,

  2. Well, Dawn, it's got a certain sort of Nirvana sound to it.  It just cracks me up because you expect this sweet little munchkin to sing like a sweet little munchkin and NOT like Curt Cobain.


  3. She's great, but the best part is that self-satisfied smile she gets right at the very end. It's like when Bush pronounces a foreign name right for the cameras.