Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Then Again...

    Perhaps God told him, "Thou shalt go forth and install a drive-thru, Father Fink!  And it will be good!  And the lawd will be pleased.  And there will be much rejoicing."  

Fortunately, no one was killed.   Link

Priest Crashes Into Restaurant, Arrested For DWI

(CBS 42)
SMITHVILLE A Smithville priest is charged with drunk driving after crashing the pickup truck he was driving into a restaurant.

Father Karel Fink, the pastor of St. Paul Parish according to the Diocese of Austin, was arrested Monday night for DWI.


  1. Thankfully no one was killed or hurt.  But, Dan to be fair, according to MADD, there are impaired driving accidents about every 8 seconds in the US.  Probably most NOT priests... lol

    be well,

  2. A priest named Fink? Why does that almost sound as though he was destined to be a "Fink" when it came to following the law. (Hugs) Indigo

  3. Had to be priest's around here drive pick-ups!