Thursday, June 28, 2007

36 Months of Hot Canoodian Love, eh?

    Ootstandin' eh?  P-Lit in da hizz-hoose!

    As I was shaking the dust from my head this morning by looking at porn reading the blogs in my collection of feeds, I learned that today is everyone's favorite kitten-eating Communist AOL Canada blogger P-Litty's three-year anniversary.

    Now, there should be a parade.  After all, three years is a pretty long time (21 if you're a dog), and for Paul to actually manage to keep things entertaining, enlightening and downright fun for that stretch of time is a pretty impressive achievement.  I'd also be lying if I said that Paul and his blog Aurora Walking Vacation wasn't a huge inspiration to the goings-on here on my own little habitat of wordy madness.  After all, over the past year --and thanks to NAFTA-- I have plagiarized used a lot of AWV content as inspiration for more than just a few entries here.

    So, as you read this, do make it a point to drop by Aurora Walking Vacation to wish Paul a happy anniversary.

    In other news, it would seem that AOL Journals is hopelessly borked beyond comprehension today.  Is anyone else having troubles?

    Ahhh well...  I'm off to The Fest for lunch.  It's sunny, cool and a downright gorgeous day to bum around the lakeshore with some sort of weiss beer in my hand and live music blasting in my head. 



  1. AND cheese... you will have chees too right???

    Yes, Paul is an great guy with a great blog... Cin gave him boobs and cake on her blog.  And, yes AOL sucked until about a half hour ago!

    be well,

  2. Know what's funny? When Technorati sends your feed out to the world, none of the strikethrough text is struckthrough. Heh heh.

    It's funnier that way.

  3. I'd almost forgotten about that plagiarizing habit of yours. heh heh
    Fest merrily. --Cin

  4. Have a beer for me, will ya?

  5. Hi !!!!!!! I did go over and wish P-Little a happy anniversary thanks for sharing the news. I am glad that you are still here. Do enjoy your day !!!!!!!! I wish I was there to go to lunch with you. Anyway.....take care.