Monday, August 25, 2008

[The Wisdom of a Distracted Mind] They're Coming!

Watch for motorcycles.  300,000 coming.
They're on their way...

Fetch the whiskey. Hide the women. And, maybe... well... burn some massive hunk of meat because the bikers are coming to Milwaukee. And, according to this sign that was being dragged across the sky like a surly child through a grocery store yesterday, lots of bikers are coming.

Three-hundred thousand...

That's a lot of freakin' bikes.

And, not just any bikes. These are window rattling, jar-your-fillings-from-your-head, Harley Davidson motorcycles.

Why can't Milwaukee be the home of Vespa scooters?

Trek bicycles? (Actually, those are built a skip West of here)

Pet Rocks?

Anyway, the two things Milwaukee is most known for, coincidentally, belong quite snugly into the Biker Motif: Loud, grumbling Harleys, and beer. And, according to that banner in the sky, we're heading for a perfect storm of alcohol and motor vehicles. It's not only going to be a fun time. It's going to be a dangerous time. Yeeehaa!

Now, as aloof as I may seem to the whole idea of a city packed full of sweaty, beer-swilling bikers, I'm actually kind of looking forward to the insanity. After all, it's an event. It's a big event. And, this city has gotten somewhat stale in its tedium of leaping from one festival to the next with nothing to really separate one from the other aside from the myriad of ethnic heritages that make up this city. So, in light of that, we need the bikers. We need the noise rattling down our streets driving our dogs howling, barking mad.

It's either that, or we just Polka until our legs fall off.

Still... three-hundred thousand?!?



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  1. If you get really lucky, maybe John McCain will come and hang out with his buddies again. I hear he really got into the festivities in Sturgis recently. ;)


  2. I totally agree with Beth. Keep that man busy in Milwaudee, keep his mind off Denver and BushLand, and all will be well for a few days. By the way, what preparations have t he Emergency Rooms in local hospitals done to prepare for the landing of the Uncivilized?

  3. I think I would rather prefer the Bikers to the Polka...(Hugs)Indigo

  4. Love the Vespa part of the entry.  I only have a honda, that I do not ride much, but do aspire to a Harley some day :o)

  5. Sheesh! That's a hell of a lot of bikes - and bikers! Now, what if the beer fest were on the same week!?


  6. That's a lot.  I wonder how many arrive during Memorial Day weekend in D.C.  But they tend to do Veteran's things (Rolling Thunder), not a festival around beer.  (Not saying that they don't drink.)

  7. Hello

    I have to say that I wish I were there to see all of the guys on their motorcycles. I have always wanted to go for a ride on a motorcycle with a guy but I have never had the opportunity. Do take some shots of the motorcycles for us.