Wednesday, July 30, 2008

[The Wisdom of a Distracted Mind] Wednesday...

Today kind of sucks, and I'm sitting here hoping that my good mood is hiding at the bottom of my coffee mug. I'm working my way there, I guess, but the thing is, the Clone made the coffee, and well... I question his skills.

Anyway, here's a picture for today:


I kind of like how the light and the lines work in this shot. It's kind of trippy when you start looking at the angles and whatnots.

Anyway, I've got to get myself jacked on my mug o' madness. Then, I've got to climb into my buggy and lumber my aching carcass across town to the doc's office for one of those pointless appointments where I pretty much sit around explaining that things could be better, but they could also be a whole hell of a lot worse.



Posted By Dan to The Wisdom of a Distracted Mind at 7/30/2008 08:50:00 AM


  1. I hope you track down your good mood.


  2. Dan,

    I know we are suppose to go with the glass half full theory.  And that works most of the time, but darn sometimes you just gotta think, geez wont this stuff let up?

    I guess Im having the same day you are, hang in there.


  3. Did that car just sneeze? ;-)
    Come on mate, shake of that shitty mood.

  4. For a second there, I thought you had thrown the Clone's coffee at him!  Hope
    you feel better. Take care.