Thursday, July 24, 2008

[The Wisdom of a Distracted Mind] Getting colorful.

Today's picture is all about the colors...

Going all clowny and stuff.

The colors on this one aren't nearly as aggressive as they were on the shot of a similar flower with the neon-green, Zima-swilling insect (and no. I'm not talking about the New Jersey Guidos). This one's kind of nice and balanced.

Well, I've got to run. It's kind of a suspiciously busy, but wildly beautiful, morning here, and I've got a heap of running to do before I can sit down and stare at the Tour de France while I wait for a new lens to arrive.


Posted By Dan to The Wisdom of a Distracted Mind at 7/24/2008 09:30:00 AM


  1. Very nice. Interesting how the leaves of the flower have a purplish tinge to them.


  2. Dan, again the use of a black background. This shot is a beauty. Love it. A real special nice day in Philly after our two inches of much need rain last night.  Bill

  3. Gorgeous! This is what I thought yesterdays picture would/should/wanted it to look like. Simple for the simple folk!

  4. Fog's Footprints. July 20th. Few days late and dollar short. Actually, looking back, they are, in their own way, beautiful pictures. Have you found a new calling?

  5. Absolutely beautiful!  You are just getting too good!

  6. Nice one Dan. The colours are so vivid.
    ANOTHER new lens!? You have way too much time and money on your hands. (Send some this way when you get a chance.)


  7. I can just see that blown up on a canvas above a sofa, love it!

  8. Dan this is a beautiful picture ~ such lovely colours ~ Ally x

  9. Simply Superb! Yes, I could see it on my walls also!