Saturday, July 19, 2008

[The Wisdom of a Distracted Mind] Guten Morgen!

Yeah... I'm pretty much just phoning it in these days.


Well, I hope everyone enjoyed my brief flicker as an AOL Guest Editor. It's been a while. In fact, I think the last time I was the guest was way back in the heady days when Jeff was crop dusting the AOL cube farm.

Aside from that, well... Today is a pretty gloomy one. It's just one of those somewhat chilly, gray, drizzling mornings. It's a good day to just stay inside and watch movies, and that is exactly what I plan to do.

In other news, the new air conditioner kick so much ass, I think I may just develop a rather twisted and disturbing relationship with it. So far, it's pulled so much humidity out of the air that I think I could turn my house into a giant RonCo food dehydrator.

I can make jerky.

And banana chips.

And... umm... there's got to be something else I can make. I just can't seem to think of anything since I need a hot, humid cup of coffee.

Well, I'm off. Have a rowdy weekend, folks. Try not to get in any bar fights.


Posted By Dan to The Wisdom of a Distracted Mind at 7/19/2008 09:46:00 AM


  1. No bar fights for me...we're heading a couple miles south to Mc Chord Air Force base and their air show.  The Thunderbirds are here to dazzle us all with their magnificant routines.  Linda in beuastiful western Washington

  2. Maarc, thanks for including me in your Guest Editor stint. I really do not need the publicity. I like to keep a low profile. Thanks just the same.
    Love the picture, you really get pretty skies.
    Hope you have a dehumidifier on that A/C. High humidity can cause a lot of house problems starting with rust on any metal that is there. Good luck, Bill

  3. Is your name Marc? And all this time I thought it was Dan. Love that pic!

  4. No, Gaz.  My name's Dan.  Bill sometimes calls me Marc since, like me, he's not that great with names.  I always call Barry, Bob for whatever reason.  

    Aside from that, people are always calling me Paul.  And, I think they call Paul, Dan.  

    The internets are a very confusing place, I guess.  hahaha...


  5. Just be careful about adding ice to your expresso........  Jeff even made it into last Thursday's The Washington Post print edition for trying that stunt.

    I'm glad you had another shot at editor.  Besides, it's also fun to have new great blogs to waste my time on.

  6. Just checking out your journal since Magic Smoke entry yesterday as guest editor. I knew you would have a very distinct personality here:)  Love that gorgeous pic. Hope you had time to drink your coffee before the ac sucked all the moisture out of the cup:).............alice