Sunday, July 27, 2008

[The Wisdom of a Distracted Mind] It's a bash...

Hey look! I went to a concert.

The Bodeans

Yesterday evening, I heard the unmistakable thump and din of live music carried on the wind through my town. So, I threw my dinner in the oven, put on some shoes, grabbed my camera and headed out into the blue-collar wilderness to see what all the fuss was about.

As it turned out, after a little hoof-work down the street, I managed to find the BoDeans tucked away on a stage somewhere in the tangle of buildings that is the Bucyrus crane-making complex.

Unfortunately, after snapping a whole heap of pictures of the band (which you can find in a Flickr set here), I started to get thirsty. And, considering I had a grueling half-mile walk back to my house, I thought it important to hydrate. So, I went in search of a nice, cold beer to guzzle down.

The thing is, they didn't have any there...

They weren't selling beer...

I started to twitch a little when I realized that the plastic cups that everyone was carrying around were filled with cherry soda and not some delicious beer that would have been perfect after my brutal death march beneath the blazing hot sun of summer.

Now, I could have gone to just about any employee locker to find a six-pack tucked away in dirty work clothes and whatnots, but I decided that would just be too nosy and settled on silently whimpering to myself.

Anyway, after the band had wrapped up, I hoofed it back to my house, took my dinner out of the oven and sat down to eat and pick out some pictures to upload.

So, that was a nice surprise to find on my weekend. I hope your weekend also had some nice surprises.


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  1. Some brilliant pictures thanks for sharing ~ glad you enjoyed the concert ~ sorry about no beer :o) Ally x

  2. Cherry Soda???????? YEUKKKKKKKKK.
    Gaz :-(

  3. The BoDEANS!  Man.  What luck.  I'll ahve to search for my t-shirt with their name on it.

    I think that balances out not being able to get a good cold beer.