Monday, July 14, 2008

[The Wisdom of a Distracted Mind] Bye, Lara!

I'm posting this at about 2:00 AM since I'm taking off Monday and will only be doing things like checking email and whatnots since I'll be busy...

Watching the Doctor Who marathon on the Sci-Fi channel and sleeping.

Don't judge me!

Anyway, here's your Monday picture:

Fighting off the Dumpster Divers.

It was a sad day.

After the floods last month, I was cleaning out the basement, and I finally had to get rid of my life-size cutout of Angelina Jolie.

As it turns out, the corner where I stood her up had collected a lot of water, and well... as a result her cardboard feet started to rot, and she started to shrink and tip over like an old lady with osteoporosis.

So, I kicked her to the curb (well, actually the alley), and I stood her up as the garbage collectors took in her delightful, ungarbage-like curves and lingered a little longer than usual on their weekly rounds. If nothing else, maybe they got a kick out of it. I know my neighbors did as they were cruising up and down the alley. I'm glad none of them plowed into the telephone pole as a result of their distractions.

Anyway, you all have a wonderful Monday. I can't promise I'll be back when it's a more sensible hour, but I can't promise I can't.


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  1. That'll be the next tabloid headline: "Milwaukee man claims Angelina Jolie has rotten feet."

    Enjoy your day!


  2. Rotton feet is better than atheletes foot I suppose!

  3. Some men's trash, is another man's prize!  Glad no one got into an accident, also.

    Enjoy Doctor Who.

  4. Who'd be looking at her feet in any case?