Monday, September 24, 2007

[The Wisdom of a Distracted Mind] Stapler Wars!

Now, over on the Bad Astronomy Blog, Phil Plait is quite proud of his new stapler.

To his credit, I will say that it's a rather cute and dainty little piece of office equipment. In fact, if Barbie had a temp-job, I think you'd find his adorable little Swingline somewhere on her pink, plastic reception desk.

Of course, it's a little weak.

What you see here is my stapler, and it dominates all who come before it. It was my grandfather's stapler when, as a professor at DePauw University, he hammered the crap out of a lot of cumbersome syllabi for his History and his Scientific German courses. And me? I've used it to put the finishing touches on a great many short stories, essays, articles and whatever else needed binding.

The beauty of it is its big, shiny button. It's the perfect size for the bottom of my fist, and whatever aggression I may be feeling is instantly dispelled with a satisfying smack. Without it, I'd probably be out beating up bag ladies or whatnots.

Anyway, Phil? Your stapler is cute where mine's all about the testosterone. But, you might need to find something more substantial upon which to bash out your angst considering you've embarked down the path of becoming an author. And, Milton be damned, MY stapler is worth burning down an office building for.



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