Monday, September 17, 2007

[The Wisdom of a Distracted Mind] Seacrest Out...

So, did anyone watch the Emmy's last night?

I personally made it through about five minutes before Ryan Seacrest made me feel as though I was eating a bowl of razor-blades dipped in lemon-juice. And, every time he clapped his hands to punctuate his flaccid opening monologue, it was as if someone had a staple gun pressed against my forehead and squeezed the trigger right along with confused little hands.

bang.. bang... bang...

In the end, I watched a football game between those Cheatin' Patriots and the Chargers. Patriots won. By a hell of a lot. And, every time I saw a player camped out beneath a kick-off or a punt, I pictured Ryan Seacrest standing there in his shiny tuxedo clapping his hands. And when those returners were greeted with a bone-jarring hit to knock loose their molars, the first thought in my mind was: Seacrest out!

Aside from that, no real reason for writing today. I've not forgotten you all. But, I have had a hell of a busy weekend, and I'll try to scribble a little about that later when I get the chance.


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  1. I only realized that the Emmy's had been on last night, when my aol welcome page greeted me with something in addition to stupid O.J. Simpson's arrest.

  2. I never watch those show, it's only people patting each other on the back i n over-priced clothes.

  3.      Laughing here.  Whoever thought that the Emmys could be so inspiring?  Tina
    ( formerly of 'Ride Along With Me' .... and hopefully I will find something to inspire ME to write again.  Maybe I should have watched the Emmys, too. You know of  any more bad awards shows coming up, that I could tune into ?? )  Tina            p.s.  ...  by the way, I hope your weekend was a GOOD busy.