Tuesday, September 25, 2007

[The Wisdom of a Distracted Mind] It Was a Day Unlike Any Other Day...

Actually, it was kind of a reasonably decent day here in the land of milk and honey beer and cheese. We had on and off rain which will help my tomatoes lumber their way into ripeness. I don't know why, but for some reason, they just don't seem to be in all that big of a hurry to turn red and edible. They've just hung on the vine as big, green orbs for the past month without showing any signs of life.

This morning, one actually started to turn a little orange. Granted, orange is certainly not tomato-esque, but it's a start, and hopefully, by Christmas, I'll be able to eat a BLT with an actual tomato grown in the garden. It will be a fine replacement for that cumbersome holiday goose, I suppose.

Anyway, I spent a large heap of this rainy day trying to pull my thoughts together while reading over a handful of short stories I'd written ages ago. I don't know why I thumbed my way through the ancient and dusty folder, but it was a nice surprising stroll down memory lane. Lately, I've been a little curious to recapture that storyteller that lurked inside of me. However, introspection while pouring over those stories on a rainy day didn't seem to do much.

Of course, everything was going well and wonderful until my lummox of a cat went from being a delightfully sleeping bundle of fur at the foot of my bed to a full-blown, play-craving attention-whore in a few quick clicks of the clock, and before I knew it, a claw was sunk into my leg and my big toe was being gnawed and slobbered upon. DogCat definitely has his issues, I guess, but I try not to judge.

Eventually, I was able to extricate my digits from the toothy beast, and he was able to leap outside into the rain with his usual level of manic excitement. I was left to stand there watching as he raced around the wet grass, slipping around on the small hill in front of the house, and eventually curling up beneath the spruce tree utterly drained from his wild little two-minute outburst of energy-sapping insanity.

And that is his life. He's either sleeping or chewing on me.

Meanwhile... I am looking for things to write about while waiting for my tomatoes to turn red.


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