Monday, September 24, 2007

[The Wisdom of a Distracted Mind] Heh...

I suppose that since I'm on an all-out anti-religious tear today (I'm in a bad mood. Not much sleep last night), I figured I'd share this old picture with you (click the image to see the bigger version if you need to. It's funny).

I don't know why, but I picture Miss Shannon here to be a bloated, toothless, unemployed, former carny who spends her days shoveling cupcakes into her helmet while bitching about people like me and the annoying fact that I'm still free to live a perfectly wonderful and entirely godless life here in "Ummerika."

On the other hand, I do take offense to being called "evil."

I'm actually a pretty nice guy for a condemned and worthless bastard. I give to charities. I'm nice to strangers and animals. I yield to pedestrians. I even put the seat down whenever there's a lady in the house.

So, why, in Miss Shannon's blurry eyes, am I not welcome in the nation of my birth?

I do like the fact that she realizes that even though I have not committed a crime, I am the reason why crime is rampant in our nation. I mean, because I don't believe in God, Ted Haggard is out smoking meth and tooling for man-whores. Or, since I see no need to worship anything, Larry Craig and Bob Allen are soliciting sex in public restrooms. Or, because I pay taxes but refuse to believe in god, Kent Hovind has been lead to not pay his taxes and lie to anyone foolish enough to listen to him. And don't even get me started on the Catholics. I mean, the things they've done as a result of my lack of belief would shock the stripes off a sailor.

The thing is, people like Alice Shannon are a great example of the hazards of a wholly religious society. She has placed her entire education in a book of cobbled together tales and fables of Bronze Age itinerant sheep and goat herders, and she has constructed a nice little bubble of delusion for herself. It justifies her own ignorance and her intolerance. In her mind, hate is something good and godly.

She has found an easy target to blame for all her petty fears and lack of education: ME and those who are like me. It's got to be a sad and lonely world in which she lives. In her world, every redeeming quality I possess is nullified because of my lack of belief.

In my mind, all are welcome here in spite of their beliefs or lack thereof. I think that's the only way for this nation to survive. We should be a beacon of freedom and not a bastion of hate.



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  1. Actually, she is not representative of the majority of Christians I know.  It's sad, really, what horrid example she is:(  Very anti-loving, Christ-like, IMHO.