Thursday, September 13, 2007

[The Wisdom of a Distracted Mind] Shredders versus Grinders...

I read this:

LONDON (Reuters) - Eating too much red meat is not only bad for your health -- it is also bad for the planet, according to scientists.

Worldwide, agricultural activity accounts for about a fifth of total greenhouse-gas emissions and livestock production has a particularly big impact because of the large amount of methane emitted from belching cattle. (link to full story)
Now, I know it's all about interpreting the data and all that wiggy, scientific stuff, but the answer isn't less cattle. No, dear reader. This data is telling me that what the world needs is more meat eaters. It's not us carnivores ruining the environment. It's the vegetarians. We meat eaters are doing our best to keep the numbers of these bovine gas-bags down, but the round-toothed, molar-grinding crowd seems to not want to help, and they even make things worse.

The next time I sit down to a nice, thick, perfectly-grilled steak, I am sacrificing my own health to save our precious planet. And what are vegetarians doing besides scolding me and cursing my incisors?

They are eating plants.

What do plants produce?

It isn't freakin' methane.

Which is worse for the environment?

So, the next time you're feeling maybe a little light-headed or hypoxic, blame the vegetarians. They're eating too damn much, and they're killing all the sources of air. I'm just doing my best to keep toxic methane out of our ecosystem by grilling up an environmentally unfriendly bag of gas and tasty meat.


Posted By Dan to The Wisdom of a Distracted Mind at 9/13/2007 09:19:00 AM


  1. HAHAHAHAHA.  Cute spin, Dan.  Never mind the entire supply and demand and resources used to produce a pound of steak or whatever  beef part you're eating, vice a pound of, oh, soybeans.  :)

  2. wait, let me turn my where were we?

  3. Trust me there are thousands of different ways to improve on the ecological state of Mother Earth without worrying over what we are eating. All it takes is a little unconventional ( yes, that is the right term, the lazy asses only need put themselves out to look it up on the computer) searching to find just how much we can do our part to help. It's not enough to assume your doing your part, you need to actually study the benefits of what you do and how to increase that little bit to a more redeaming solution. Unfortunately people tend to go the easy route, versus the long term solutions. Walk instead of Drive, Turn off lights when not in use, Keep your thermostat down to a comfortable temp, put on another sweater if need be, these are the simple ones. You would be amazed how much it adds up with hundreds of more easy ways to help.

    Yeah, yeah, I know I'm off on a rant. People tend to spout idiocism about things they know nothing of........(Hugs) Indigo

  4. The last time I went to my house in Spain, I went to a Spanish neighbours Argentinain BBQ. We started eating Cow at 7.30 pm and were still eating it at 2.30 am the next morning, Cow cheeks and all!! No salad, nothing except this sauce made from corriander, garlic and olive oil.
    Not only did I fart for the planet for ten days after, but it was warm filtered through rotting cow as I never shit for a week!!!!!
    Gaz ;-)