Monday, September 24, 2007

[The Wisdom of a Distracted Mind] Grrrr....

If you're a Christian, you're probably not going to want to read this, and I sure as hell don't want to hear from you.

This morning, I stumbled across this in the Des Moines Register, and it simply infuriated me:
Teacher: I was fired, said Bible isn't literal
The community college instructor says the school sided with students offended by his explanation of Adam and Eve.

September 22, 2007
A community college instructor in Red Oak claims he was fired after he told his students that the biblical story of Adam and Eve should not be literally interpreted.

Steve Bitterman, 60, said officials at Southwestern Community College sided with a handful of students who threatened legal action over his remarks in a western civilization class Tuesday. He said he was fired Thursday.

"I'm just a little bit shocked myself that a college in good standing would back up students who insist that people who have been through college and have a master's degree, a couple actually, have to teach that there were such things as talking snakes or lose their job," Bitterman said. (link to full story)
Yep. This poor man was fired from his job as an instructor at a secular institution because he questioned the validity of the Adam and Eve story. Yes. A SECULAR institution. This is what America has turned into. As a result of these whimpering, power-hungry Christians, we've become the exact fucking thing which we are fighting against. The worthless Christians are taking their tactics straight out of the Taliban playbook.

Linda Wild, the vice president of academic affairs of Southwestern Community College, is too much of a gutless coward to stand up for what is right, and would rather side with these treasonous theocrats as they seek to dictate and force their religious beliefs upon those who would simply wish to learn about the real world. If this doesn't sicken you, then you really don't deserve to live in this once-free country.

So, Christians, I dare you to defend yourselves in light of this. Do you believe it's right to silence this man simply because he doesn't believe in, or proves wrong, your mythology? You've cast America down a very slippery slope, and the impending Inquisition you are forcing upon America will not end well for anyone.

And, Linda Wild? As a result of your outright censorship, you've broadcast to the world that you are an ineffectual coward who is wholly incapable of operating an institution supposedly devoted to learning. I suggest you step-down before you do further damage to the students and reputation of the Red Oak campus of Southwestern Community College. If you wish to operate the Christian equivalent of a madrasah, I suggest you send your resume to Liberty University.

Disgusting. Christians should be embarrassed in light of this, and they should ALL apologize for trying to ruin the life and career of an innocent man who simply sought to teach the truth through science. You've shamed your beliefs even further. And, when you bleat and whimper about your supposed persecution, don't be surprised when the rational human beings out there laugh in your sniveling faces and tell you to go fuck yourselves. You deserve the condemnation.


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