Wednesday, August 29, 2007

[The Wisdom of a Distracted Mind] He's Certainly Got Balls.

I just read that Bush is going to be in New Orleans today to mark the two-year anniversary of hurricane Katrina.

That should go well.

I am just somewhat curious as to how his handlers can keep him inside his little, opaque bubble of blissful ignorance, and I imagine that the protesters will seriously outnumber the handful of supporters they can drum up. My guess is that they're probably busing in a bunch of folks from Texas to vet the crowd with whatever loyal Bushies remain.

Will we see a contrite and humble Bush standing bravely in the epicenter of what has become a beaming hallmark of his administration's failure and hypocrisy? Or, will we see yet another display of preachy, prattling, fear-mongering gibberish from a man who has become so obsessed with warfare that he pays little to no attention to cries of his own constituents?

Now, I know it's impossible to make bad gumbo in New Orleans (I believe there's a state law against that, actually), but I'm willing to turn a blind eye if someone was willing to serve Dubya a gumbo made from quality ingredients found floating among the rotting death and backed up sewers of the Lower Ninth Ward. Think of it as a public service. After all, how much more damage could this incompetent simp do if he's spending the twilight of his presidency on the thunder box battling a brutal case of explosive diarrhea?

Ah well... That's just a random thought before my morning coffee. It really is the little things that make me smile, ya know.

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  1. Yeah, I read he was going to do this.........  and, believe me, I once ate bowls of fantastic gumbo, except for that one bad shrimp.  I was literally green for a couple days and ill for longer.  Only two government agencies that I'm aware of did well in preparation and response of Katrina, the USCG and NOAA.  I'm likely missing someone, say, a local government there in Louisiana or whomever, and I know TONS of volunteer organizations and such have helped out (particularly thankful for those looking out for the stranded pets as well).  But, shaking my head.  Didn't "Dubya" do a quick fly over a day or two or three after Katrina hit, also, something cursatory?

  2. Pickles was a rescue from Katrina. Bush isn't worth spit these days. Sad to say I think his constituents are asleep or he would of been impeached. Oh wait his constituents are suppose to be the people.....doesn't seem like this gov. is of the people or for the people much these days does it? (Hugs) Indigo

  3. And I hope all the media are there to play it over & over & over again! It will be great for late night tv jokes too. He deserves anything they throw at him (literally).

  4. If I was the chef, I would shit in his gumbo!
    Gaz ;-)