Thursday, December 14, 2006


 Bao Xishun and his 42-inch reach saves the dolphins. 
    Imagine if you will, two dolphins in China are having a hard time digesting the shards of plastic which have somehow found their way into their tummies.  And, what do you do when all medical procedures have failed and the average reach of every other person in China is just a little too short to remove the plastic?

    Well, call the World's Tallest Man, and save the dolphins.  

    I like this story.  It's a little gross, but it certainly is a feel-good tale to warm the heart on this cold, gray morning in Wisconsin. 

    Buy that giant some Maotai, and stop feeding the dolphins your old record albums!



  1. I need to see pictures to believe it. . . .
                            Or just to feed my curiousity . . .

    Amanda :D

  2. Oh my!  That's all I have this am... I have a horrible head cold, probably strep throat thanks to my daughter, and all the kids are sick...

    be well,