Monday, December 18, 2006

Now, Get Out and Find a Job!

100-year-old man finally receives his college degree

    I mean, seriously?  How tough could Chemistry 101 have been in 1929?  Weren't there only like four or five elements back in those days?  Earth, Water, Wind, Fire and Alcohol?

    Of course, this story does have a rather heart-warming side to it.  In 1929,  as a result of the Great Depression, Marvin L. "Hub" Northern had to leave Baylor University to work to help his family and subsequently never returned to school to get that required Chemistry credit.  Fortunately, the folks at Baylor let him substitute the last 77 years of his life for that Chemistry class and gave him a diploma. 

    Hooray, Baylor!



  1. That is awesome... Baylor did good...

    be well,

  2. I wonder if The University of Pittsbugh would grant me the 48 credits I'm short due to The Great Alcoholism. If it hadn't been for Gin and tonic, I would have graduated.