Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Our "Accidental" President.

    President Gerald Ford just passed away at the age of 93.

    I always liked Gerald Ford.  I think he was the last of the old-school, fiscally responsible Republican Presidents.  And, for a man who had NO presidential ambitions whatsoever, I think he stepped up and did his duty and helped heal a nation when we most needed it by reaching across the political aisle and by being a genuine friend to the media (a concept entirely foreign in our current administration).

    Unfortunately, his short presidency will always be tainted as a result of the alacrity with which he pardoned Richard Nixon.  But, I think he did good works during his time in office. 

    Your thoughts on the passing of Former President Ford?


  1. he became president when he had to and did a fine job.

  2. Dan, I agree. He did a fine job. History will miss him and so will many alive today. ~Raven

  3. My thoughts . . . death really does come in threes. . .

    James Brown, Gerald Ford . . . a lady at work's husband for me, all in a matter of three days.



  4. I liked Gerald Ford - he was no showman, he was a genuine person concerned for the welfare of the public.  A true leader, not a dictator, not arrogant.  A gentleman, something of which this country sure could use in the public eye again to remind us of our core values, the ones our forefathers had intended for us to emulate.  Sad to hear the news about the Prez passing.

  5. I agree w/ your words.   Heck, I wondered at first why all these memories of him were on the news shows this morning, starting with his daughter, clear-eyed so must have been filmed previously.  I'd missed the actual "announcement," and had to deduce it myself, at first.   One showed an interview of him, that he'd be quite honored if he was rememered as the Great Healer (when prompted / told by the interviewer that he was considered that).   Good man.   Sorry to see him go, even if I suppose we all will in time.   -- Robin

  6. I keep forgetting that Betty Ford's husband was a president. But I was in high school at the time and don't recall much of those years, either. I think it is cute that you say you always liked Pres. Ford...what were you, like 6 years old when he became  president? I'm imagining Little Daniel at the breakfast table with his New York Times and Mom scolding, "Daniel, put that paper down and eat your oatmeal before it congeals."

  7. I think I always read the newspaper --even at six-years old.  But, mostly, I remember Ford through the lens of History and very few first-hand bits.  


  8. I hope he rests in peace, he was a good man.  I remember him from my childhood as such a happy man, which was so nice after Nixon who always seemed so serious when I was a child.

    be well,

  9. I always thought of Gerald Ford as a true gentleman; a rarity among politicians.

  10. Ford finally meets Someone who he can't snob on when questions about the Nixon pardon are asked. In fact, Ford might be the next angel to fall out of Heaven, which is how Satan got started. I don't think Lucifer tripped, though.