Friday, December 22, 2006


    President Ahmadinejad of Iran has a blog, and he wrote a particularly eloquent entry expressing his wishes for a merry Christmas (whether or not he Dooced himself has yet to be seen).

    Now, I've been blogging for almost a year, and still this world of digitized words amazes me.  Indeed, our planet is growing smaller and smaller every day.  I find it unbelievably interesting that our world is so small now that we are privy to some of the personal thoughts and emotions of our world's leaders. 

    Dr. Ahmadinejad is very outspoken to the people of the world, and I do respect his convictions.  However, I also realize that every world leader (including our own president) should be approached with skepticism, and we should always be aware that they all do have an agenda.  But, this being Christmas, I think I can cast aside my skepticism for a moment and see his wishes as a genuine attempt toward peace.  And, Peace is something that every fiber of my being sincerely hopes for within this world. 

    So, you know, if you feel like it, put on your best manners and head over there to wish Dr. Ahmadinejad and the people of Iran a Merry Christmas. 



  1. Its amazing that he is doing that. I do think Iran and the U.S. can have better relations but the guy is still a nut case. He denies much of the Holocaust so he is a lala land breather for sure. ~Raven

  2. Oh, I don't doubt that he's completely bonkers.  But, I am impressed that he would even put forth the effort to pass along some holiday wishes in a personal format such as a blog.  


  3. Strange man... denies the Holocaust happened but believes enough about Jesus to wish a us a Merry Happy Jesus' Birthday.  BIZARRO.

    be well,

  4. I think he is getting ready for the Anti-Christ and he doesn't even know it. I dooced myself but I didn't lose my job over it but I was certainly pulled into the office about it. Mum is the word now. Too small of a planet now

  5. Interesting. Very very interesting.
    (Behind, but trying to catch up.)
    Happy holidays,Barb

  6. Dubya's MySpace isn't nearly as nice!

  7. Dan (peace be upon Him) certainly does find some oddities in the 'tubes.

  8. Interesting indeed.   Seems to be saying he believes Jesus to be a great prophet and is a messenger of peace.   Sure, there's an agenda.   But, yeah, naivety or not, let's find hope that perhaps, just maybe perhaps, even in a man who denies that the Holocaust occurred, there could be some smidgen of hope for peace:)
    It IS still Christmas, after all, here on my side of the world.   Happy Christmas to you, Dan.   (even if he didn't say shalom, hmmm, reaching out to Christians but not Jews?)  -- Robin