Friday, December 15, 2006

I... umm... er...

   Sometimes, sweet and delicious irony is just, well, beyond my meager words.  Next time, they should maybe think about hiring Canadians. 
Border Fence Firm Snared for Hiring Illegal Workers

All Things Considered, December 14, 2006 · A fence-building company in Southern California agrees to pay nearly $5 million in fines for hiring illegal immigrants. Two executives from the company may also serve jail time. The Golden State Fence Company's work includes some of the border fence between San Diego and Mexico.



  1. I wonder who will be installing the fence. That's a lot of manuel labor!

  2. Yeah, Canadians would be better....

    be well,

  3. Yeah. Speechless. Funny thing is, the gub'mint knew when they awarded the contract that the only way they could have afforded to quote that low was by hiring illegals. Someone on the inside was laughing while he called the INS.

  4. Hi dan!

    Thank you for ypur comment in my Journal, ..."burn your tounge on french toast"??
    mmm don't think I have done that... give me time {lol}

    that is a cute duck on the pond.


  5. "What do you say to this chare sir???"

    "don't fence me in......"

    ok that was corny, but I just could not help myself....... lock me up for corny lines!

  6. opps!!!

    the last post of mine should of read "what do you say to this CHARGE sir??"

    knew I should gone to 2nd grade!!!


  7. Hmm...  Maybe the "illegal" workers were just hired to help build the OTHER side of the fence?  

    I mean, every fence has two sides, right?  And, when that other side falls into a foreign country, international labor laws can get a little sketchy.  


  8. This may not be related, but it took me forever to get served at Taco Bell yesterday