Friday, December 15, 2006

A Job Well Done?

    So, how do you celebrate a job well done?

    Let's say you finish a big job ahead of schedule, and when all is said and done on the task, you flop down in your chair, let out a big, happy sigh in your isolation, and you find yourself thinking that something is missing.  There should be so much more.  People should know that you did a damn good job.

    Well, if you worked for Turkish Airlines, one way to celebrate a job well done and completed ahead of schedule is to sacrifice a camel

ISTANBUL (Reuters) - Workers at Turkish Airlines celebrated a job well done by sacrificing a camel at Istanbul airport and their boss has now been suspended.

The national flag-carrier said on Wednesday maintenance staff killed the camel at Turkey's busiest airport after sending a batch of aircraft back to the supplier ahead of schedule.

    Well, yeah, that's one way of doing it, I guess.  Personally, I've always been more of a go to Happy Hour, sacrifice a bottle of something, and whoop it up with my crazy friends.  However, this camel thing might just catch on.  After all, it's probably a lot easier on the head the next morning. 



  1. Just watch out . . . they spit.

    Amanda :D

  2. Perhaps one might sacrifice a camel toe...

  3. Paul, now, now...That's why you should always ride a camel wearing a dress of some sort, or naked is better, The camel toe is a really bad look.

  4. Oh my... that is just so wrong... but I guess, it made sense to them!

    be well,