Monday, December 25, 2006

Ahhh... Silence.

    It's quiet here.  I like that. 

    Right now, I am sipping my second mug of hot cocoa with Amaretto, the cat's sleeping on my feat, and I'm watching a pretty boring Monday Night Football game.  And, since it's still Christmas, I am resisting the urge to call Joe Theismann a freaking, dim-witted knucklehead (but, if this game somehow drags on past midnight, I am so going to start screaming). 

    It was a nice Christmas on this end.  I cooked a ton, ate a little more than a ton, and after spending entirely too much time vertical, I'm thinking this whole sitting-down thing is something I could definitely get used to. 

    Anyway, the week ahead is going to be one of those surreal holiday weeks where the gears inside my head spin wildly in an attempt to find some sort of purchase upon teeth which have been ground down to dull little nubs after a year of some rather shoddy intellectual clutch-work.  Fortunately, I didn't get any pets or puzzles this year, so from now until New Year's, my thought-patterns will be considerably bland as I wander through this holiday void. 

    I like that too.

    Blogfather John Scalzi, addressed this void recently, and I have to say, the confusion hasn't quite hit me yet.  Sure, at times, today felt a heck of a lot like a Sunday (it really didn't help to have the Sunday Night football game on at four in the afternoon).  But, all-in-all, as wonderful as Christmas was, there was also the stench of Monday in the air.  The morning newspaper was a reasonable size, some of the usual TV shows were on, and all my garbage has been bundled up and lugged outside for tomorrow's pick-up. 

    Of course, this doesn't necessarily mean that I am immune to the weirdness of this odd, little space between the two holidays.  I may very well sleep through the grunting cacophony of early-morning garbage haulers and wake up thinking it's Saturday.  We're just going to have to wait and see, huh?

    But, enough about me.  I hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing Christmas wherever you are.  I know some people say that Christmas Eve is the most magical of nights, but as I sit here with the myriad of conversations with family and friends still ringing in my ears, I think tonight is the better night.  Hopefully, you all are lucky enough to go to sleep tonight with the voices of your loved ones still ringing in your ears.  After all, what more does anyone really need?

    Merry Christmas everyone!



  1. Happy your enjoying the quiet. I hope you had a great day.

  2. I like Christmas night better than eve, too. Like a sigh of pure contentment. I want to just sit around and purr with the cats and listen to the little boy babble on and on about his cool new Godzilla figures.

  3. It is my favorite time... sitting and relaxing after the house finally empties out.  We had 22 this Christmas... and as wonderful as it was, the after glow was perfect!  Hubby the kids and I all huddled in the family room, in our jammies under throw blankies, dog and cats asleep at our feet and we watched some mindless tv together and chatted about the day!  

    I am happy that your holiday was great.... Today we are having an all jammie relaxing day... except hubby who is cursing while he removes the old xbox and sets up the xbox 360...

    be well,

  4. What?  Excuse me?  Can you blog a little louder?  I can't hear, its too noisy over here... dang kids!
    Merry Christmas,  Dorn

  5. With the gift we were given last on Christmas morning, I think it was by far the most meaningful of the days. We did have 17 here Christmas eve.  I never got to sit down and really enjoy any of it.  I can't complain though. I got to spend a little quality time with my 93 yr old mother in law and one of the newest members of our huge family. Glad you had a wonderful Holiday.