Friday, December 29, 2006

Saddam Hanged.

    It's being reported, and I'm pretty certain that by the time you all read this you will know that Saddam Hussein has been hanged. 

    Of course, I'm not going to shed any tears over this.  I think he deserved a send-off akin to that of Mussolini, but I do hope we show the world that we are, if nothing else, a nation that understands and respects the dead --in spite of the fact that sometimes the dead do not deserve our respect. 

     In the coming days, much better writers and philosophers than I will probably bring forth the inevitable question that, in light of the death toll of American soldiers surpassing those of Sept. 11th, was it, in fact, worth it? 

    I suppose that is for people out there to debate for what will most likely be a very long time.  But, I do hope that this will be the first step in bringing our troops home.



  1. and may he burn eternally...

  2. Nothing to debate for me... He got less than what he truly deserved.  

    be well,

  3. They should have let him be sodomized on a soccer field by a Kurd with a size 22 sneaker and no sensitivity whatsoever.

  4. So can federal employees take another day off next week?

  5. I hope they beat his hanging body like a piniata full of Tootsie Rolls.

  6. I agree about bringing the soldiers home. Saddam is gone & its not our job to tell the iraqi people how to run their country, we should have a complete withdrawal & let them sort it out. After all, the longer we are there, the harder it will be for the people of Iraq to have a normal life.

  7. The soldiers will never come home.  Not all of them. It's going to turn into a permanent duty station like Guam and Korea and Germany.  And the insurgents will keep picking off our soldiers with IED's and car bombs. I hated that man. I hate the man that dragged thousands of ill prepared, underpaid, overworked soldiers in there to be picked off like Dick Chaney's hunting pals. I hate that my son had to spend ONE DAY over there, let alone all the time he served.  But he got his death sentence. And that's all that humanity would allow.  RIP, American's killed because of him.