Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Umm... Don't Drink and Drive?

     I saw this blurb on the local news here, and I just had to pass it on...  You may have to read it twice. 

        TOWN OF MILTON - Two drunk drivers crashed into each other on state Highway 26 in the Town of Milton. One of them was seriously injured. Then a third drunk driver crashed into their cars. A fourth driver tried to drive through the scene... and was arrested for drunk driving. All four face charges of operating while intoxicated.


     I know...  Drinking and driving isn't funny, but fortunately, no innocent folks were injured.  This was just four very dumb, drunk people all collected together in the same place.  I figure the cop there must've just been scratching his head asking himself "What the....?"


  1. That's quite a picture of the town of Milton you are painting there.

  2. I know...  It seems like all we do around here in Wisconsin is drink a lot, trash art museums and drive our cars into each other.  

  3. awwww..actually very dangerous..think of all of those new drivers ..sheesh!

  4. Milton needs a DUI lane...if,of course, they can stay in it.

  5. I kid you not . . . ask Charley over at Courage whom I was on the phone with yesterday at the time . . . I was stuck in traffic for 40 minutes on our little two lane hicktown road because, get this, a tractor smacked into the back of a pick up truck and the driver of the tractor got run over by his own vehicle when he fell off of it.

    Ah good times in the boonedocks.

    Amanda :)