Saturday, February 18, 2006


Hi all and sundry,

Well, it's about 12-below zero here this morning, and in my world, that's booger-freezin' cold.  There's also a wind-chill that rolls in on a pleasant little 25-below breeze.  So, if this is hell, I have to say, I've always imagined it'd be somewhat warmer.  In fact, spending an eternity in a lake of fire sounds kind of appealing right about now.

Anyway, I've gotten some mail about the picture I posted yesterday.  So, thanks to everyone for all the comments.  Here's another picture to look at.


  1. Love the pic!!!! I'm not gonna tell ya what it's like here, cuz' it will just piss you off, but we are gettin' the freezin' soon!!! Welcome to Jland!!!! Penny

  2. Cool photo. Fawn in mid leap. I'm hoping this is the last blast of cold air for the winter.

  3. Nice pic

  4.  nice picture and we share the coldness in common- ...chriss