Saturday, February 25, 2006

Don't BE That Guy...

Hi Y'all...

Sometimes people seriously irk the heck out of me.  This morning, I opened my email to find some senseless (yeah.  Even more senseless than this, if you can believe it) scribblings from a very over-zealous supporter of President Bush. 

This person (and you know who you are), went on and on about how Bush apparently was appointed by God of all people, and because God is such a big deal in this gentleman's world, I should respect God's decision and agree with all things Bush does.  In his email, I think he mentioned God at least a couple dozen times, and to wrap up his outright condemnation of me, he ended with the statement "Like the Bible says, one nation under GOD!!!"

Needless to say, people like this terrify me.  I mean, I mention Bush, almost in passing, in one of these entries, and this guy's got to go and tell God all about it.   Friggin' snitch...

However, the way I see it, God has about as much to do with the appointment of this presidential administration as I have to do with the price of toast in Denmark. 

Whether you're a supporter of Bush or not, the fact of the matter is, Bush was appointed to the presidency by the Supreme Court --not God.  I think, that day, God probably was far too busy keeping the universe from unravelling to contemplate the petty nonsense of hanging-chads and whatnots.  But, that's my belief.  If you believe you know the thoughts of God, more power to ya. 

The thing is, when I question President Bush, I am not questioning God.  If you think I am, well...  Get help.  You should also probably grab your Bible and see what God has to say about false prophets, okay? 




  1. See? This kinda crap is why I feel it pays to be shallow and vapid. Nobody sends me overzealous emails about god making Tom and Katie's baby "the chosen one" doomed to fight for universal supremacy with the Brangelina "uber-offspring". Puh-lease.
    I like prsident bush cuz he seems like a regular dumb-ass redneck from texas, and I'm partial to the redneck population. You know he lights his own farts, and unscrews all the salt shakers in the formal dining room.
    Lighten up over zealous god boy, I agree, God is too busy to care about america, he has to worry about Nick and Jessica's divorce!
    Peace out,

  2. Oh...  I'm a big hit with the bible-thumping Bush worshipers.  I mean, it's one thing to see Bush as a good guy or bad guy, but it's a whole 'nother kettle o' fish to see him as some sort of "Chosen One."  I just wish they'd have the stones to post in the comment box.  

  3. OK, did he really say that the quote, "one nation, under God" was from The Bible? Send him my way. He'll have lots to get upset about at AWV, and I could use the entertainment.