Sunday, February 19, 2006

Snowy Cat

Now, before you alert PETA, the ASPCA or Pamela Anderson about my "cruelty" toward my pets, please keep in mind that not only does my cat enjoy the snow, he also loves running around in the pouring rain, playing in the mud, and his two favorite foods are cantaloupe and Roquefort cheese. 

Anywhoo...  I thought I'd slap this in here for y'all to gander at. 



  1. What a pretty kitty! I have seen many pets in JLand frolicking in the snow, and that's alright.....we all should know that these animals are used to those temperatures!  Anyway, I love them all!!!  Thanks for sharing!!!  LOL  

  2. Stop posting pictures of my cat . . . geesh. Bordem has struck can ya tell, I am wondering around your journal and I just have to say that you are not the only cat owner whom PETA may have an issue with . . . my cat likes to sleep in the dryer, it's not my fault.

    Amanda :)