Monday, February 20, 2006

What a crazy day!!!

Sorry about not following-through with the tale of anodized aluminum stock pot love.  It's been a hell of a Monday, and I am just trying to soak it all in. 

First, I got horribly stuck in traffic watching my gas gauge creep slowly onto "E" while the President's motorcade took over the expressway and clogged the thing all to hell.  Oddly, he was in town giving a chat on the importance of Wisconsin corn, alternative fuel sources, and hybrid vehicles.  Oh no!  Don't think for one second that the irony was lost on me.     

When I got home, my cell-phone started chirping with the annoying little noise that I designated as one, special person's ring.  It was the ex-girlfriend. 

Now, don't get me wrong, my ex is a great woman.  She is the kind of girl who could make a bad day better and a good day great just by being in my life, and I'll probably never understand what went wrong between us.  But, I do feel lucky for the time spent with her.  But, c'est la vie. 

Anyway, she apprently called to tell me something that I apparently didn't want to hear, and then she didn't tell me.  I know...  It doesn't really make any sense when you try and wrap your mind around it.  It's kind of like walking up to someone and saying "knock-knock!"  And then walking away when they ask "Who's there?" 

Oh well...  Tomorrow is another day.  I hope all your Mondays made more sense than mine. 




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