Friday, February 17, 2006

Lottery Madness.

Forgive me, but I have to babble a bit about the 360+ million dollar lottery.  It's insane, and it's gotten to the point where desperate folks will brave the brutal Wisconsin winter to venture out to get their collection of numbers.  It's like ten degrees outside!  Sure, if you win, you can afford to repair those frostbitten digits, but the odds are sort of stacked against ya.

What would I do with that much money?  Hmmm....

I'm a simple-minded fool, so I'd probably just pick up a six-pack and a Big Mac with some fries.  I mean, 360 million is a LOT of money, but it's still not enough to accomplish my goals. 

Of course, I'd have a little more leeway to be a real prick to a lot of people.  Like when some pinheaded dolt parks his or her new car crooked in the grocery store parking lot for fear of getting dings and scratches?  I hate those people.  Needless to say, that shiny new car would be doused in gas and set ablaze, and when the dope comes out screaming, I can say, "Hey!  At least it's not scratched, right?"

Well...  It's Friday, and hopefully everyone reading this is having a good one.  If you bought your powerball ticket, good luck!  If not, then all I can say is park your car carefully. 


  1. Our Powerball jackpot is at $365 million.  Folks are getting together with friends and investing tons of money to win.  The last time it got over $200 mil. my husband invested $40 in tickets.  He lost, of course, as did everyone else.  I told him next time to just give me the $40.  That way he wouldn't have to wait until 9pm to find out that he had just thrown $40 down the drain.  Hey... it sounded like a good idea to me!
    Have a happy Friday.

  2. Hey!  If I win, I promise I'll give you the $40 back.  I have a hard time taking money from strangers.  Fortunately, I don't have much of a problem taking money from 365 million strangers!!!  

  3. When they first introduced the lottery to florida roughly 15 years ago, they said you had a better chance of being struck by lightning than winning the lottery. I've had lightning strike very close to me several times and I've won $120 on the lottery...hmmmm coincidence maybe? Anyways, I am still waiting on being struck by lightning so I can buy a winning lottory ticket. I only spend $1 per play because it is way easier to shrug off losing a buck than it is to lose $40+. When you buy more than one ticket, you don't increase your odds of winning, you increase your chances of losing. Here in Florida, if you aren't at least 85 years old with more of a chance of dying than seeing the total pay-out, you aren't going to win.