Wednesday, February 22, 2006

What the....?


Egads!  My brain feels like a rusty, old lawn-chair this morning.  I suppose there are certain Zen-like benefits in not being able to form a logical, coherent thought.  I mean, I could easily sit and gape at a houseplant and drool my way into enlightenment.  Granted, it's not particularly productive, and it might make the houseplant somewhat nervous, but it might be just the thing I need to do.  Besdies, there's one special cactus I have that definitely could use a little angst. 

Anyway, as many of you know, I'm not a particularly politically-minded person.  I tend to stroll the middle of that road rather than get in the middle of what seems like nothing other than childish bickering.  However, this latest, devisive kerfuffle our President has caused does certainly intrigue me. 

I don't understand why we would sell control of our ports to a foreign country that threatens us --be it directly or indirectly.  I'm certain that in time I'll learn more of the reasoning behind it.  My biggest concern is the fact that President Bush doesn't seem to really think things through all that much, and now he's saying with his usual Stalin-esque bravado that he will veto any bill Congress passes in order to block the sale of our ports to a nation which many in our country are kind of skeptical about.  I certainly do question the motives behind this sale, and I wonder who exactly is going to gain from this?  

Now, not to sound like a conspiracy nut, but am I the only one who sees that it's probably not a coincidence that Bush's desire to sell our ports to this conglomerate of oil-producing nations comes at a time when he is scampering about the country preaching the importance of reducing our nation's dependence on foreign oil?   Is he thinking that we owe these nations something simply because we are looking to decrease the amount of oil this country uses and thus imports?  

Yup.  It's an odd, little affair.  I for one won't feel any safer should this sale go through.  Bush is obviously welcome to try and change my mind, but I have zero confidence that he will address the concerns of his people.  He preaches against fear and trerror, but actually does little to make this country any safer.  If he feels we owe the Arab Oil Emerates anything, perhaps we should just send them a fruit basket and a thank-you note. 

Oh well...  Time to torture the cactus.  Have a great day!

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  1. Basically what he has done is outsourced our homeland security.  I happen to be a Bush supporter, but I'm not even going to pretend to like this decision.  Trust us, he says.  I'm sorry, but I need more than blind trust, I need answers, I need explanations.  Our ports security is far too important as far as national security and homeland security goes to outsource it to a foreign company just to better our relationship with its government.  Unfortunately we are now in a position that we probably couldn't back out of the deal without serious consequences.  What was he thinking?  I just don't get it and look forward to that upcoming briefing.  It better be good.

  2. That was a DUMB decision.  Bottom line.  Poor dude, he's extremely STRESSED.  He needs a vacation. He'll be able to think clearer afterward, don't you think?  LOL  

  3. Hahaha...  A vacation?  I like that.   I almost feel sorry for the guy for being so incredibly oblivious as to what's going on.

  4. Aloha! Enjoyed your entries. LOL!!! Production's a matter of perspective...
    Yes what an odd little affair. For there being such hooplah for the ongoing national security delemma, I found it quite odd indeed, upon hearing that Bush was caught unaware  of the situation. I'm thinking to myself, does this knucklehead not listen to the damned news? What kind of box is he kept in? Daddy's good puppet box? Speaking of daddy, elder Bush was part of that aristocracy club, rubs elbows with Arab families, Arab Oil Emerates, the bin Ladens, many mid-easterns hiring Cheney companies. In all fairness, having foreigners running our ports is NOT a new thing. Britan sold their US port-running business to Dubai. That sale simply exposed it into public awareness.
    There needs to be questions asked about how we lost control of our ports. There's been some big sell offs of this country. Japan runs the national park system now. How the hell did that happen? The right hand does not know what the left hand is doing. Bush talks like he's an illiterate. Arrogance like his, has the rest of the world look at the U.S. with a negative image. We have become the villian. There are more people in prison in the free-world than anywhere else on earth! Thankyou conservatives for ensuring the war on drugs would enprison a country.
    Whacky politics! They pass a prescription benefit package that caters to the pharmaceutical institution and hold a country ransom for it's health. The real war on drugs should be aimed, not at benign pot-smokers but, at the agencies promoting a monopoly on our health. We should be embarrassed by what we see!
    ...So I just praise Jah. I thank Him for people like yourself. And what do I know? Well, I know one thing for sure. I voted for the other guys because of my fear of where a Bush regime might lead my country.  I'm terribly impressed!
    Step awaaay from the cactus, and nobody gets hurt...