Monday, November 20, 2006


    Hey folks.  I'm just jetting out the door to make it to a few appointments, but I just wanted to let you know that my little bout of what apparently was the Ebola Virus seems to have cleared up.  I pretty much just spent the weekend on the couch with the remote glued to my hand.  Occasionally, while I gawked at football games and whatnots, a cat would come by and sniff my corpse and then wander off to sleep someplace else.  It was nice. 

    Anyway, before I scoot.  I just wanted to ask a simple question to get my fingers working this morning in an attempt to get your comment leaving skills working.  So, here it is:

    Who's the bigger asshole:

O.J Simpson for going on TV to plug a book and explain how he would have murdered his wife and her friend --even though we all pretty much already know how he did it anyway?

Kevin Federline for blackmailing Britney by threatening to release a sex tape of the two if she doesn't pay him money or give him full custody of their two kids?

      Personally, I think they are both about as worthless as the sludge on the bottom of a barrel of goat shit, and the actions of these two do nothing but make them even more pathetic when I didn't really think that sort of thing was even possible. 

    Anyway, feel free to talk amongst yourselves and share your opinions.  I've got to scamper.



  1. Just when you think they can't get any lower....! B.

  2. Why do you keep goat shit in a barrel, Dan?

  3. Now why would you go and insult sludge at the bottom of a barrel of goat shit like that?


  4. Ok, Brit and Fed Ex first. A married couple making a sex tape!! Oh my! So what. I say bring it on K-Fed. We've all seen Brit almost naked anyway, Now I wanna see if if he looks like needle-dick-the-bug-fucker. No one likes K-fed anyway, so he might as well do himself in for sure. Brit would benefit from the tapes release.
    O.J. well, what do you expect from a pychotic? And as far as Fox News goes, well it's sweeps month! I hope this isn't followed by  If I Did It II by Scott Petersen and If I Did It III by Robert Blake.
    So, who is the bigger asshole? I'm giving my Rectum Award to O.J.  Why does he keep stabbing the Goldman's and the Brown's in the back and twisting the knife. He obviously loves to see people suffer. Someone ought to snack the smile off this mans face.

  5. Ebola? What was the monkey's name that bit you?

    Ahhh society's Assclowns...

    I agree with the previous comment that if Kev wants to release a sex tape he should go for it. It's only gonna be a nail in the proverbial coffin for him anyway. And any footage of Britney playing chess is good TV I say. I struggle with that game and I have an edumacashun. So I give the ol' Fed-Ex the MORON award. Please confirm to the population that you are a good for nothing blackmailing babydaddy that will do anything to extort money from the mother of your children. Why does he want those kids besides the child support? What useful things could he teach to smoke cigarrettes and be a total douche? What-ev! This is why pretty girls turn into man hating lesbians.

    As for OJ...

    W to the T to the F! HE wins...hands down. He should just wear a shirt that says "i need attention" and drive a pink hummer. What a douche. How did he explain THAT one to his kids? Please god let there be special places in hell for guys like this.

    Freakshows man...thanks for getting my blood boiling nice and early. I was hoping to save my core meltdown for Turkey day with the family.

    Feel better, hope you're not bleeding out your eyes or other orifices or anything.

  6. Who?

  7. Glad you're feeling better.. :)  I was going to name my daughter Ebola.. but it sounded too foreign.. so I decided on Gina instead.  She thanks me.. :)

    They are both Assholes in my book, just for different reasons.  Actually OJ goes above and beyond that word... he is just scum, period.  

    Federline.. is just pathetic!  What he is doing doesn't surprise me in the least.  Matters not.  Brit will come back out on top, and he will go back to being the little man he always has been!

    Happy Turkey Day!


  8. OJ wins!

    I dont believe K-fed did that....Its just national enquirer stuff...someone got a hold of the video so Oops I did it again, gets a whole new

  9. Both equally disgusting, however, OJ slightly more so, as we are talking about murder here....  ugh.  So sorry you were miserable over the weekend but glad that you are on the mend.  

    be well,

  10. I'm sorry you were sick!!! Ebola Virus ehh.........At least as a recovering corpse you can still write damn good.
    I think they are both assholes of the worst kind. If I had to make a choice, I think the O.J. thing is horredous and I swear if I saw anyone either buying that book or simply reading it I would make my opinion known loud and clear. Shame on the publisher for even considering that book.
    As for K-Fed. He's just a loser, in every manner........L
    Take care you,

  11. brit shouldn't give that moron anything...obviously he'll just blackmail her with it again next time he's broke.

    oj...his fifteen minutes are long over.

    money is leads stupid people to do criminal things.

    happy thanksgiving!

  12. Wow.  You would never think that O.J. and FedEx would be such sour pusses - I mean - they're both so well-rounded and articulate and all... hee hee

  13. I think these 2 morons should run off together!  We all know OJ's "story" and Fed?  Well I'm FED up with boo hoo supercouple's!

  14. Well if Britney is dumb enough to make a sex tape - knowing the "it could get out to the media since I am a celebrity" chances of someone other than FedEx seeing it then that makes O.J. the bigger A-hol-ee-O.

    Britney had it coming two her. Nicole didn't.

    Either way - both are jackasses.

    Sheesh, get me a pill, my blood pressure is all fired up now.

    Amanda :D

  15. Hmmm this is a popular entry. :)
    I would definitely say OJ...simply because nothing that Kfed does surprises me anyways...he was trash from the get-go. OJ was a star until his football days ended and he decided to become the wife-beating murderer we all know him for.
    My other reasoning is that Brittany will easily squash Kfed and no one will ever remember him in a year or so.
    OJ is the more dirtier of two simply because he decides to go and plug this supposedly fiction book about how he would have murdered his wife and her friend...doing this is bringing more pain to his children and families of the murder victims....and he does this all for the sake of his need for attention. Its pathetic.