Sunday, November 5, 2006

Sunday Phone Calls.

    Zounds.  Where to begin?

    First, I should mention that I had I blast on my little date last night. She really is a great woman, but I can see from the get-go that this will most likely never move past that whole friendship stage.  I don't have a problem with that since I really do enjoy being single and insane, and bringing a significant other into my life right now would mean that I'd probably have to shave every day and stop wearing pajamas past noon.  And, quite frankly, I'm not ready to give that sort of thing up.  These days, if a woman tells me to wear socks, I consider that sort of relationship way too high-maintenance for me.

    Anyway, my Sunday tried to be relaxing, but the chaos started at around three AM with a phone call from my niece:
    "Heh [garbled gibberish]," I mumbled into the phone.  It may have been something close to a hello, but I really can't tell.
    "Uncle Dan," She chirped.  "I need your help."
    "Are you in jail?"  I asked.
    "No," she said meekly.
    "Then you really don't need my help."
    "No no no!" She said.  "We've got this trivia thing going on at work, and we're getting kind of drunk, and I need to know the name of that movie."
    "The Tao of Steve?" I asked for some reason.  It was probably the first movie that came to my mind in my disturbed state after having my nice, pleasant slumber shattered. 
    "No." She said angrily.  "It's that one with John Cusak.  You know?  He's holding the boom box, and it's got that Peter Gabriel song?  Do you know it?"
    "Say Anything," I said.
    I heard her sigh as the voices in the room began to demand an answer.  "You sure you don't know?"
    "Say Anything, you dumbass," I said. 
    "Alright," she said.  Then, she turned away from the phone and I heard her shout "Better Off Dead!"

    *sigh*  You can't pick your family right? 

    The rest of the day was filled with the usual Sunday stuff.  The weather was  unseasonably gorgeous here, and that made it much easier for me to stand in the kitchen and plow through the mess-hall sized pile of dirty dishes that seemed to accumulate over the weekend.  Unfortunately, the damn phone wouldn't stop ringing as a result of the never-ending stream of robo-callers.  Gadzooks!  Do these campaign idiots actually think that anyone in their right mind really listens to their nonsense? 

    Okay...  I'm wonked, so I'm out of here.  I hope you all had wild and wonderful weekends. 



  1. Zounds? The secret is to find a great woman who is equally insane, one who likes to stay in her pajamas all day too. I'll give you a hint, find one that thinks ordering in a good pizza and picking up a 12 pack is the perfect date. Oh and make sure if there's football on, right there in front of her, she doesn't ask who is playing -- bad, bad sign there.
    Not much I can do about your family, LOL!

    Martha :-)

  2. "I'd probably have to shave "

    Say it isn't so?  lol  Did you know that some woman LOVE to watch their man shave?  I mean....oo la la when you get out of the shower and WE help you...hmmm?  Whew!  Got caught up in the moment there....carry on.   haha

  3. Hmmm, I've heard women claim having to shave daily as a reason not to date, but never a guy:)   Glad it was fun, anyway, cuz why not?   Funny about your niece.  -- Robin  

  4. You sound like me, in the relationship, department.  I've been alone so long that I just couldn't hang with having a man around me 24/7.  Or even for a few hours.  Annoying.  I have become the Greta Garbo of Jland! hee


  5. Uncle Dan you are so mean.. you should have said the name of the movie is "Say Anything".  

    be well,

  6. dear dan
    ummmm where was Allison?

  7. Funny... I can't get my hubby to leave his socks OFF - even during - um - consummation activities and stuff.   hee hee

  8. I said "Say Anything" right away. How old is your niece? I agree...find someone who stays in her pjs too! ;-) Now, if family is going to do that to you I say "Share the love" and call her sometime at 3:30am & ask her a movie! :-)

  9. I've taken a call at 1 AM from a friend asking me how to tell a French person online to fuck himself. "Tu te faire foudrais," if it ever comes up in Wisconsin.