Friday, November 17, 2006


    It started yesterday morning, bright and early around 1:00 am.  I was yanked from a nice dream about robbing a bank.  The thing that dragged me from a sweet sleep was a stomach that felt as though a family of bothersome, noisy little beasties had moved in and started nailing tasteless hotel art to the walls.  So, yesterday, I just sort of rambled around with my rumbling tummy, and as the hours rolled by, I began to feel worse and worse, and I quickly realized that flu season genuinely is a sucky time of year. 

    As for this morning, I feel much better.  The stomach's calmed down for the most part, and instead of feeling as though someone smacked me in the face with a wrecking ball, I now feel like like someone had snuck in during the night and packed my sinuses full of rubber cement.  And, well, as far as my face goes, that's an improvement. 

    Anyway, since I'm heading off to snooze for a bit, here are some links for you to enjoy:

    The first comes from the customer-based rant or rave site with an odd complaint about Wal-Mart's complete lack of altruism.  Damn the man! 

    So, what's been keeping you from going truly wireless?  Well, that damn power cord keeps getting in the way.  But, not to worry.  Some whacky brains at MIT are working on a way to create wireless electricity.  Yes.  My dreams for a morning spent walking around the house with a wireless coffee maker and toaster could soon be realized. 

    Finally, with the release of the Playstation 3, people are going freaking bonkers.  And, one particularly smart and lucky person got his hands on one of the $600 gizmos, and hit eBay where someone actually coughed up $9000 for the thing.  It's madness...

    Okay.  I'm off.  Have a great Friday!



  1. It sounds like you need a laugh... and if I remember like Star Wars... therefore you must bring your rubber cement self over to my journal asap.

    be well,

    ps... feel better soon!

  2. Sorry you feel like poop.

    Amanda :D

  3. Gentle hugs (just don't breath my way, okay? lol) and feel good wishes (not THOSE kind's of feel good wishes) heading your way, Dan!

    I do hope you feel better!


  4. Flu?? Or did you forget to check the expiration date on the bacon again? How many times do I have to tell you--don't buy the meat with the "reduced for quick sale" sticker on it.

    But now that you have boggled my mind with Michelle the Candy Bar Swiper, some silly game thingy that is worth more than my car, and (The Horror!) thoughts of wireless electricity zooming through my favorite body parts...have a nice nap and feel better.
    Surgically-Masked Smooches,

  5. Jesus... Sony's really f----d itself on this one. Gamers are getting disgusted with the price and the removal of certain standard features, and even the few consoles being released over in the States are supposedly not even "finished". $9000 for a first-batch, overpriced, incomplete system? Damn. That guy needs to just make a noose out of the power-cable and remove himself from the gene pool. Unfortunately, I wouldn't be surprised if you have to buy the cord separately for another several hundred bucks.

    rant over. heh. Feel better soon.

  6. Isn't that crazy...$9000 for a PS3? Don't get me wrong...I want one as badly as the next gamer. My PS2 has been played through all of its nine lives and it's time for an upgrade...but the chances of finding one in stock before 2007? I might be better off purchasing my lottery ticket. ;)

  7. Wireless electricity? Ah, what a dream! When it comes to wires I'm a bit psycho -- kind of like Joan Crawford was about wire hangers in Mommie Dearest! And just think of how wireless everything could improve on my dream set up -- (

    As far as the PS3 goes, just crazy! I love a great video game as much as the next person but the darn thing doesn't even work right!

    Hope you are feeling better. Step away from the bacon and have a great weekend!

    Martha :-)