Thursday, November 30, 2006

A Conversation...

    I had a recent conversation about writing and whatnots with my mother, an avid reader, when she mentioned something about blogging, and how she just couldn't understand this odd, little craze sweeping the "internets." 

    Anyway, here's a little snippet of the conversation:

    "Do you have a blog?" she asked.
    "Yes I do," I said.  "It's kind of fun.  I get readers from all over the place."
    "That's nice."
    "Yeah," I said.  "Someday, perhaps I'll even travel to visit them all and sleep on all their sofas and write reviews of their furniture."
    "So, how many people actually read your blog?"  She asked.
    "I don't know.  Pretty many."
    "Can your father and I read your blog?"
    "How come?"  She asked.
    "I told everyone that you guys eat kittens."

    I know.  What can I say?  I'm a horrible son. 



  1. ROFL.   Well, there's no way I'd have my parents reading mine!  :)   And, they don't even eat kittens.  Just puppies.   (Just kidding.)  -- Robin

  2. I still can't believe that bloggers admit blogging to their families. My husband has NO IDEA!!! I always laugh when a newlywed blathers, "Ooh, we tell each other EVERYTHING." How sweet (see you and your "soulmate" on Divorce Court soon).

    My mother: I read your blog entry about bungee jumping and I'm sorry to see that you have to advertise your unhappy childhood all over the web.
    Me: Ummm, no it was about bungee jumping.
    My mother: I know that it is REALLY about my being  horrible mother.
    Me: Bungee jumping...

    I love strangers...and you are one of the strangest, Dan.

  3. The closest family member who reads mine is my sis in law. It's a shame really because she's the only one I'd like to slag off big time. B.

  4. they eat kittens? haha, cute. well, i only been on this "blog/journal" two days now, no one knows wha the heck im doing, and they seem not to care, which is fine with me, because i do intend to put things on here tha they might find ofencive. so like hello, its my blog thing, i can write what i want!! (thats what ill tell them if they ask) jk

    updated journal


  5. You ain't right.

    Amanda :)

  6. Oh Dan... let her read your blog... let her see the kooky side of you that we get to see.  It is hard... my mom reads mine and sometimes I regret it...but mostly not...

    be well,
    Dawn on the other had have not been at my blog in a loooooong time...

  7. Hahahaha!  You're absolutely rotten!  Are you sure you're not an Oompa?

  8. I don't blame you, won't let the other half read mine. maybe when I'm older I'll let my son read it so he can see what effect he's having on my life.

  9. LOL!  I let my kids read mine.. even the nasty stuff I say about them!  You want to read.. you deal with what I write..


  10. Ah, your mother sounds sooo sweet. You must make her chuckle alot. Which side of the family did you get your humor side? My biggest population of readers is from Kansas.  At least 600 people a month come by from there. Not sure how that happened but I should a pay a visit sometime. A place is a place even if its over the rainbow,lol.  -Raven