Wednesday, November 8, 2006

The Bully Culture.

    Earlier tonight, David Byrne posted a small but interesting article on his blog, and I think it's something that is certainly worth reading.  I think it does a great job of pointing out that, even though we have hopefully restored a much-needed level of maturity and sanity to our nation, we still have a tremendously long way to go so as to erase this image of America as a global bully.

    Anyway, give it a read, and please feel free to share your thoughts here. 



  1. I did enjoy this article but I stopped putting people in boxes along time ago.  The power struggles or the "survival of the fittest" is a human nature disposition. It takes a very balanced person to loose gracefully, to be happy for the winner and to not need to feel powerful by image, dollar or intellect. Our need to be looked up to is what brings out the bully mentality in people. If we didnt care what anyone thought, we would finally become a civilized human race. Its unfortunate but mans need to win consumes so many that it doesnt even have a political box.   -Raven

  2.  Hey Dan,   I thought it was a very interesting article, and I agree with many of the man's points, except for one.  To place this at the feet of the Republicans is awfully simplistic, and unrealistic.  I think we live in a selfish, egocentric society, and there are selfish and egocentric people in every party .... actually, in every sex, race and creed.  I think it's going to take alot more than balancing the party structure to turn things around.  It's going to take people who are motivated by integrity and respect for their neighbor.  And eliminating the current ideal of ' I get it all, and you get none,'  and replacing it with 'I have some, and you have some.'  There really is enough to go around, if we are willing to quit being so damned stingy.  Thanks for sharing the article.   Tina
    P.S. to David ... please bring back the big suits.

  3. When we were quite small, we learned quickly that the bullies could rule the playground. If we were easily intimidated, we might even give them a second chance, beliving that even the little sociopaths could be "good". To think the current swing will clean up the mess made in the past six years is equally immature. Prayer will not help. God is apolitical. Only a couple of decades of genuine, intelligent choices may bring America back. Stronger and wiser, one would hope.

  4. Funk that.

    England was ready to intervene in our Civil War the moment we crossed them, and would mess with us today if we weren't so powerful.

    A French diplomat once described America's contributions to the world's political affairs by saying "America is like a big, friendly dog in a room full of fragile things." They'd have crushed us, too... they were fully ready to come up through Mexico before we got all Monroe Doctrine on that ass.

    It's like that Clint movie said, once I switch it around  a bit... "There's two kinds of men in the world, Tuco... those with loaded guns, and those who make Nikes for $.47 a day."

    The rest of the world should be falling down to their knees in thanks over the fact that the most powerful nation on Earth would rather just open McDonalds franchises in their country, rather than keeping an army there and enslaving their populace.