Friday, November 3, 2006


   Yes.  You will notice that I added three exclamation points in the title of this entry as though it was a manifesto scribbled by a lunatic.  Unfortunately, AOL has yet to work out the maniacal scrawl font and multiple underlining common in the correspondence of madmen. 

    Anyway, it's Friday!  Does anyone have any wicked-wild plans for the weekend?  I have a date on Saturday with a really nice, very pretty red-headed girl who's a smidgen taller than me.  Normally, that's not such an odd thing, but considering I'm 6'2", well...  It's a little weird. 

    Other than that, I know Dornbrau is campaigning hard for the Vivi award for Most Humorous Journal, and I'm not going to engage in any mudslinging.  I like Dornbrau.  In fact, she was the very first person to comment on this journal.  I have a good opinion of her in spite of the fact that I have it on good authority that her journal is currently being written behind the locked doors of a roomful of Chinese immigrant children whom she pays a tenth of a penny per word. 

    So, other than voting for the Vivi Awards, what do you all have on your plates this weekend?  Fun stuff?  Not-so-fun stuff? 



  1. As a certain flamingo loving, mudslinging humorist would say...  ZZZZZZZZ... I'm planning a real snoozefest this weekend!

    This lady is over 6'2!?  Whoa!  She is one long tall drink of water, isn't she?      

    Have a good time, my friend!

    Hugs (because I need one more than you


  2. Don't forget to wear your heals on Saturday night!

  3. Oooh... an Amazonian goddess, eh?  Red haired too?  Sounds like you are in for some fun!!!  lol  

    be well,

  4. Have fun on your "big" date!
    Martha :-)

  5. Hi !!!!!!!!!!

    I am happy its Friday !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am off of work for the weekend. I don't have any plans maybe except sleeping in. Oh by the way I voted for your journal in the ViVi awards so I wish you luck. I hope you win your journal puts a smile on my face. I have NEVER seen "ATTACK OF THE 50 FT. WOMAN". I should probably go and rent it. Good luck in the awards I hope you get some good news. Take care.

  6. Not doing a durn thing exciting.  I'm too old for excitement. I live vicariously through you youngsters.  Have fun on your date and don't forget your raincoat. You never know when the weather will change.

  7. I've always loved that poster. But now I am trying to remember who did that song "Fifty Foot Queenie" and it is driving me nuts. (So you get your revenge for the Rory Gallagher thing.)
    Have fun on your date.

  8. I'm taking my niece to the Ringling Bros circus tomorrow morning! :-) I haven't gone since I was kid. I'll take pictures & post!

  9. I'm only 5' 4" so your date has more than a few smidgens on me. Enjoy the date.
    I'll be drinking beer and lighting fireworks tonight, which isn't the best way to do things, I know, especialy since some of these explosives are as big as your woman. Well, maybe not but they're pretty damn big!
    Let's hope size is everything, for both our sakes. B.

  10.     " Harrrrrr-yyyyyy ..... Where ARE you ???? "    I love that movie, and that was my favorite line.    
        Anyway, I spent my weekend leaving paradise and coming back down to reality.  Left Hawaii and landed myself back in L.A.   By the way,  I'm reading your entries backwards here, so I can say that I'm so glad your date with the pretty redhead was a good experience.  I love redhaired people ( see:  ).  And who knows ?  Maybe she's a gal that doesn't care whether or not you wear socks.   =)    Tina

  11. dear dan
    i love that attack fo teh 50th woman! too cool Dan!