Thursday, November 9, 2006

The Dark Side of Bacon!

    This is not a good sign --not a good sign in the least.  In fact, considering my proclivity for all things bacon, I think I can speak from experience that all it takes is one small taste before one finds themselves in the sweet but dangerous embrace of a gluttonous addiction.  Turning a robot onto bacon will only lead to the downfall of humanity. 

    Sleep well, people.  The end is coming.  Unless, of course, someone can create a robot which tastes like chicken. 



  1. Yes, the reporter's hand was bacon, then the cameraman was prosciutto!  Apparently, the way CSI's use pigs as substitute humans for duplicating injuries and what not is not far from the truth!!

    lol  funny article Dan - thanks

    be well,

  2. Yes, we are made of meat. And with all the preservatives and artificial crap we eat, then it is no surprise that we taste like bacon. I'll bet that some of us taste like hotdogs. Except vegans--they taste like Tofurkey. People from Gloucester taste like fishsticks.

  3. The next thing you know the robot will take a taste of Big Bird, "Tastes like chicken."  

  4. I have a recipe for chestnut asnd bacon soup that would make a Jew give up their religion.

  5. Hmmm . . . I had some horrible bacon the other day for dinner. . .

    Just thought I would share that.

    Amanda :-D

  6. There is no such thing as horrible bacon.  


  7. there is bad bacon my friend...Turkey bacon, soggy buffet bacon, and whatever McDonalds uses which I think is really cat bacon.

    Fat peole in tanning beds also smell like bacon, FYI.

  8. And here I clicked through thinking you'd written somethign about KEVIN Bacon. No such luck.

    Stace, I want that recipe.