Thursday, November 30, 2006

Yes... I'm An Idiot.

    I swear, I will never learn.  I'm an idiot.  A very special idiot, but an idiot nonetheless...

    Now, some of you may remember this entry in which I griped about the fact that my new laptop was sitting at the UPS distribution hub which is pretty much just a hop, skip, and a traffic light away from my house.  It's very close, so you can imagine my frustration.
    Well, obviously I suffered some sort of head trauma between the time I ordered my Dell, and the time, just a few days ago, when I ordered my new camera from, of all places,  

    Yes.  It is now sitting in the UPS warehouse.  Close by.  Because I am dumb. 

    To make matters worse, and to really show you what a lazy twit I am, Best Buy is not very far from the UPS warehouse.  In fact, UPS is pretty much smack-dab between my house and the big, blue and yellow toy store.  Gaaah!

    So, if any of you can help me out here, I need you to tell me what in the world I was thinking? 



  1. Apparently, you weren't thinking... hmmm... buying electronics can be a lot like sex for you males of the species, huh???  LOL

    be well,

  2. Wow, your really buying yourself some toys recently. Convenience is like a pain killer that feels painless but sucks the big one,lol. I shop on Ebay because I hate going into the shopping stores. I will buy the wrong size, the wrong item for a very good price until I end up with what I want, which would have cost me less if I tried it on and new for certain, rather than making the wrong cheap prices over and over until I am completely satisfied but I wont walk into a shopping store. Signed nut case with over 300 items bought on ebay...-Raven

  3. OMG...I just reread"sucks the big one" not meant how it seems..I know I have a twisted since of humor but that was by accident..oh well...-Raven

  4. Yep, you're an idiot. Go to Bestbuy, right now, buy the camera then return the ordered one when it's delivered. Or give it to your neice for Christmas.

  5. Yup, you're addicted to electronics.  You had to get your fix man ... you couldn't see anything but the ends to the means.  It happens man.  You know what they say: Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results.

    Now, let's hear it ... My name is Dan, I am powerless over electronics and my life is unmanageable.  That's the first step ... it just get better from there on out. Piece of cake.  Bacon and cake, do they go well together?  Maybe that's it ... this is your brain, this is your brain on bacon.  That's got to be it, all that cured meat.

  6. Would you hate me if I told you I work for one of these courier companies that tells you you can't have it till next week. In fact I happen to be doing that particular annoying job right now..haha...VampJack

  7. hmmm, what kind of lappy did you get? i just got a new dell lappy last month :) and a camera too, from the same place as you. as for as what you were not Cleo the mind reader, so i really cany say. but if i had to guess, and i guess we all do, i going to say, eaither, ups takes forever to bring you your packages, OR your to lazy to skip, hip, and go past one stop light to get your own things at the ups place.      ?
    i may be totaly wrong, but hey, its just a guess


  8. Jack:
       It's not the courier's fault.  It's more a result of my own childish impatience.  


  9. Dan - this is what you were thinking - K? Ready?

    If you left the comfort of your home no one would be gaurding your beer . . . you would have had to put on "real" clothes, and no, underwear with goggles is not considered real clothes. . . once you left your cats would have ended up drinking all of your beer, you would have wasted the gas on driving to best buy - probably dealt with some well educated teenaged cashier and then when all was said and done you'd just end up coming home to a new camera and drunk cats.

    Not a pretty picture.

    That is unless you didn't get abducted by the aliens between UPS and Best Buy.

    So there - you were thinking - you ordered something you could have went out and bought your lazy ass self to avoid the risk of being probed.

    Makes perfect sense.

    Amanda :D