Monday, November 6, 2006

Politicians vs. Telemarketers

    I'm feeling exceptionally lazy this pre-Election-Day Monday, and I'm trying to keep myself from going éclair a-la Sunday's custard-headed John Scalzi.  So, before I ramble off to another doctor's appointment, I decided to snag and post this little snip of interesting information from the Metafilter site.  It's a fascinating example of the depths some folks will plumb in order to, not-so-much, make their candidate look good, but to skirt the boundaries of what's actually legal in order to make their opponent look bad.  It's really quite pathetic that these folks have to resort to such duplicitous tactics.  And they wonder why people have such a hard time trusting some of these politicians?  I'd be embarrassed to vote for a candidate whose party has to hassle the population in such a way as this.

Foley was a Republican, but those Dems are TELEMARKETERS!
November 5, 2006 10:00 PM PST

    Abu Gharib? Feh. The newest Dark Side: telemarketing abuse. The National Republican Congressional Committee has launched a $2.1 million campaign calling individuals, including those on the Federal Do-Not-Call Registry, with automated telephone messages scripted to sound as if they are coming from the Democratic candidate up for election, in the hopes of driving away support come Tuesday's elections. "Hello. I'm calling with information about [Democratic candidate]," the recording begins, and then pauses for the traditional hang-up.If the recipient does indeed hang up, they then receive repeated phone calls back. This manner of scripting violates 47 CFR 64.1200(b)(1), which requires that "the identity of the business,individual, or other entity that is responsible for initiating the call" be "state[d] clearly" "at the beginning of the message." The New Hampshire Attorney General got them to stop calling those on the Do-Not-Call Registry, at least. (In their best interests, perhaps, due to the $5,000 fine per call potentially racking up hefty fines.) This is going on at the very least in the Pennsylvania 6th, the Connecticut 4th, the North Carolina 11th,, the New Hampshire 2nd, and nationwide.
posted by WCityMike
    I'll be glad when tomorrow's over and done with, and hopefully there will be no riots or anything, but one never really knows these things. 

    Anyway, feel free to talk amongst yourselves, and do enjoy your Monday.



  1. My phone just rang a minute ago. I saw POLITICAL on the caller ID and let the machine get it. It was a recording of Joe Piscapo urging me to get out and vote...oh, he did tell me who he was voting for. Anyone famous from your state doing this??

  2. I have decided I detest, not only all politicians, but also, all those who blog about politics, and even those who comment on blogs about politics. I hate us all. Maybe I should run for office.


  3. I just got a call from Bill was on my answering machine when I got home....kindof cool to think a politician knows my home number...I dont really care if its telemarketing, selling an "I kick ass" so vote for me or my brother slogan.......Dems AND Reps do this....both screw eachother for the voter ballot.....the only way to be an true to go Green Party....At least they screw with meaning....and lets not talk about the Independent....they screw both sides so why care about them...really, if you think about it...Politics is just about a matter of fact, I think its safe to say most wars were about screwing a matter a fact, I change my mind. Until we stop screwing, humans will never be able to get along. The upside to this is that there will be less humans around, population goes down, crime goes down, pollution goes down, politians go down, and then you end up with less voters, and eventually more control freaks..then it starts all over again...the population goes up again..up UP UP.. because the control freaks are screwing everyone and thus, begins the Socialist Party. Really with all of my research, its all about screwing...-Raven

  4. Part two---which is really best understood if you read my other comment prior--

    If you really wanted to question the credibility of such nonsense(Part 1), that I wrote, think of it with this alarming fact-

    The No Screw Political Party Marketing Slogan

    *69 wasn't a phone companies idea it was a politician. Its the only way to safely know whose screwing who simultaneously, which is the safest screw yet. It is our only assurance Dan that we know whats going on.

    Signed, Monica Lewinsky

    No Pun to party implied

  5. Anytime any candidate's people disturb the peaceful tranquility of my home, I immediately make five(5) calls to random people in my phone book... pretending to be with Kerry Healey or Ted Kennedy or whoever disturbed my house.

    "Hey... vote for Ted Kennedy or I'll come to your house and defecate on the driveway"

    "Deval Patrick plans to round up and deport all the Jews."

    "This is John Kerry... Is your teenage daughter home?"

    "Kerry Healey is offering fellatio for anyone who puts up a campaign poster in their yard."

    I always laugh last.