Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Election Day!

    So, did everyone get out and vote today?  Is anyone in one of the "hotly contested" areas?  Did you have a bake-sale at your local polling place?  Did you notice any shenanigans?  Any weirdness on your ballot?

    I voted earlier this morning at around 10:30.  We used the ballots with the little arrows instead of one of the less-than-trustworthy eVoting Machines.  It was actually quite busy.  In fact, I'm kind of excited and somewhat surprised to see this large of a turnout.   I think people are going to be trying to send a message with their votes this election, and as well they should.  I hope someone is listening.
    We did have a handful of referendums on our ballots.  We had the ubiquitous "We must protect marriage from Teh Gay" issue.  We also had the death penalty on the ballot.  And both of those were humped quite extensively by the candidates.  However, there was one that wasn't even talked about during any of the campaigns, and it asked whether or not we felt that we should call for an immediate withdrawal of our troops from Iraq. 

    I was surprised to see that one on the ballot, but I was happy to see we could finally voice our opinions of this war in an official sense.  And, though it will probably not be heard, I voted a "yes" on that one.  The only way I know how to support our troops is to take steps to keep them safe rather than sit idly by watching them trudge around in a war that has no positive effect on our nation's safety.  And, in my opinion, this bungled war has gone on too long, and it's cost too many lives.  We need our troops home now, and we need to use them to keep America safe. 

    Anyway, I hope you all managed to get out and vote today.  It should be interesting to see how it all sifts out when the votes have been counted.  Right now, though, I've got a bunch of brownies to eat.  Yum!

*update*   I forgot to say that if you do an entry on your blog or journal about your voting experience, please leave a link in the comments to the entry.  I'd love to read your stories (Thanks Dawn). 


  1. Yes, I voted, hubby voted, and my mom and dad voted.  

    Yes, we had some real humdinger contests... glad it is over... come read about it at my journal, too!

    be well,


  2. I voted. Does that mean I get a brownie too?


  3. Any thing special in the brownies??

  4. I got my vote on bright and early yesterday morning . . . thank gawd those annoying commercials are over . . .

    Where's my brownie?

    Amanda :)

  5. Ah, I went in, voted electronically and easily, the longest ever at 15-20 minutes maybe, and out!   :)   Glad to be part of this, even when defeated but this time, hehe, it feels real great!  -- Robin  (tried to link just the election entry but can't figure out how to do it not just for the whole journal -- go to the last one on Nov. 8 entries)  

  6. I elected to stay home and eat Percs.

    There was simply no way I was capable of driving through that mob at the high school (especially with them all yelling), and working my way through the lines... especially when I'd have been dragging in 2 kids with me.