Friday, September 19, 2008

[The Wisdom of a Distracted Mind] Yaaar Redux!

Arrr... This here tale of a surly sea hag will chill yer pirate bones me mateys!
Granbury resident sees something satanic in team's pirate flag
Football boosters use skull and crossbones to show pride in Pirates; resident sees nothing jolly about it

One person’s spirit symbol is another’s banner of doom, according to Hood County residents involved in an unlikely scrap over black skull-and-crossbones flags intended to rally football fans round the Granbury High School Pirates.

"I’ve started a big stink, evidently, in Granbury," said Nadra Arnold-Curry, who spoke up at a recent Hood County Commissioners Court meeting to register her disapproval of the black flags distributed by the Touchdown Club football boosters. "I appreciate our teams and coaches, too. But I have to stand up for my biblical convictions."
('ere be the tale)

Yarrr! She be squawkin' against our beloved Jolly Roger 'cause of her land-lubbin' ghosts. Methinks this 'ere hag be needin' a keelhaulin' to show her that a true pirate's live's a life free --be it out on the briny or upon the stones of earth. We not be needin' her ghostly rules, and since we be piratin' away from chains, we not be needin' her tellin' us what to do!

So, avast ye mateys! And, point your blades n' guns to this silly hag's lumber! We be scuttlin' her noise 'neath the sails of our regal craft The Constitution!

Send 'er to the locker me hearties!

-Captain Rustybottom

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  1. Arrrr! The scurvy, wench must think that the Oakland Raiders play in the Stadium of Satan hi'self! Methinks the syph has addled 'er brains! Arrrr!

    Cap'n Evelyn

  2. Avast, don't the scurvy lowlifes have any thing better to do then belittle our beloved flag.  Arrrrrrr, straight to Davey Jones locker for them.

    Capt. Tom Rackham.

  3. Ummmmmm, I'll pass on this one.
    Gaz ;-)