Saturday, September 27, 2008

[The Wisdom of a Distracted Mind] Sleep Lesson #1.

How to sleep.

First, find a cat.

Next, set the cat down somewhere (it can be a couch, a chair, a bed, anywhere) and begin to observe the cat.

When the cat tips over, you too should feel very sleepy in one or two minutes.

If this doesn't work, might I suggest reading the biography of Michael Bolton on Wikipedia.

Now, what you see here is DeafCat completely crashed in the windowsill soaking up the sun... With all that fur... On an eighty-degree day...

I suppose that would explain the brain damage and why she tends to sit in the middle of the kitchen staring longingly at the oven like Sylvia Plath every time I cook a pizza or a pot roast.


P.S. Look! There's my Jeep. It's kind of muddy at the moment since the last time I went out for a drive, I found myself getting really bored with that whole paved road thing. Besides, there was a nice path type thing going from where I was to where I wanted to be, and if I followed the road, it would have added an extra mile to my drive. Let's face it, in this day and age, I've got to really start driving less and taking more efficient routes to save money.

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  1. that's the way to sleep!  Getting sleepy yet?
    Great pic.

  2. Must have been hard to select which of the 22 hours of sleep to get a picture of :o)

  3. Even on a hot day, Sheeba curls up by the TV, right over the satellite box, so the heat radiates up through the TV stand. I read once that cats have higher heat thresholds in their nerve endings, or something like that (sorry to go all technical on you), so that's why they lay on registers.

    As for driving, I think you should just skip the roads completely, and drive "as the crow flies." Think of the time and money you'll save!