Friday, September 26, 2008

[The Wisdom of a Distracted Mind] 9/26/2008 05:26:00 AM

Now, I thought you'd enjoy a little picture...

High Voltage This is the dreaded space between the garages. Somehow, it gets mowed, but I don't do it. I think the neighbor might, but I've honestly never seen him do it.

Perhaps it's the grass-eating zombies who somehow collect back here every now and then and just munch their way around before traveling off down the alley to some other poor, unfortunate span of grass.

To be perfectly honest, I really have no idea who the hell is cutting that grass, and now that I think about it, it's beginning to bother me.

I wish they wouldn't. That's a perfect place to hide some bodies. If the day ever comes where I snap, I'm going to need that patch of grass to remain untouched.

However, if someone's mowing it, maybe they've beaten me to it and stashed a half-a-dozen corpses back there, and they're just trying to keep up appearances so as not to raise suspicions.

Oh, but see... I'm smart. My suspicion is raised because I applied impeccable logic to this situation, and now I just need to exhume one body to find out how he did it. Then, I can go all copy cat, and when the plot is packed to the rafters, I can call the cops, they come and tidy up, and they arrest this unknown little lawn care lunatic.

Now, the plot can go untouched, and I can finally get that killing spree underway.

Looks like I've got my weekend plans all figured out. How about you?


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  1. Sounds like a busy weekend for you! Good luck with your copy cat plan! Grass-eating zombies? I thought zombies only ate brains...ohhhh, they're vegan zombies!

    Tomorrow we're going to my family's apple butter-making shindig, and the rest of the!


  2. Maybe you should roto-till so it always has that just buried, lose dirt look :o)