Tuesday, August 29, 2006


    My god!  This week is just zooming by.  I can't believe it's Tuesday already. 

     For those of you in offices, step away from your desks right now, and go say that --or something like it-- to one of your co-workers.  We'll wait...

     So, did they look at you funny?  Did anyone hear that they need a vacation?  Is anyone cleaning out their desks now? 

     Earlier today, I said that very same thing to the delightful Gas Station Lady, and she simply answered me with a confused, gaping stare that sort of made her look like a misguided fish who'd just conked its noggin' on the bottom of a barge.  Poor woman... 

    Anyway, I wanted to write about hurricane Ernesto as it's a really highly hyped hurricane, and seeing as how it's also the one-year anniversary of hurricane Katrina, I'm thinking that it's kind of wild that hurricane Ernesto...

    What's that?

    It's not a hurricane?

    It's a tropical storm with 46 mph winds? 

    Oh...  So, why the hell is every freakin' news channel treating it like it's the wrath of God bearing down on us?   I mean, MSNBC even brought in a Senior Hurricane Analyst, and we all know those things don't come cheap.  Who's going to pay for this blunder? 

     Maybe we can get something out of this.  Maybe Ernesto can get a 24 Hour reclassification, and we can label it a Category 15,000 Hurricane with a pretty good chance of not only leveling Libby, Montana, but if things play out "just so," Canada could, very well, lose most of the Yukon Territory. 

     I'm sorry, but I'm just not afraid of Ernesto.  It doesn't worry me in the way Katrina did when it made landfall last year.  I know the news folks want me to be terrified for my friends down there, but that's not going to happen.  The last thing people in that battered and beaten part of the country need is to have their fear increased as a result of sensationalistic, irresponsible "news" outlets.   

    So, Florida?  If you're reading this, your weather forecast for the next few days is that it's going to rain where you are.  You're going to probably get a lot of rain, and it's going to be windy.  But, you know as well as I do that there is a HUGE difference between a tropical storm with 46 mph winds and even a freakin' Category One hurricane. 




  1. How about the JonBenet creep? I thought he'd been tried and convicted already. I could have sworn he had his arm out begging for a lethal injection. And they let him go?  Isn't there a law against impersonating a human being?  

    Mrs. L

  2. I went to college with a guy from the Yukon. And his name was Skeeter...for real. I think his Mom had frostbite of the brain when she named a child Skeeter. He probably had a brother named SkiDoo or Quinn the Eskimo or Husqvarna.

    Hey Skeeter, if you are reading this: Happy Fishing, Honey. Show Dan here how it's DONE, man!

  3. Ease up on the Gas Station Lady.  How cheerful can she be?  After all.....she IS the Gas Station Lady.  Hmmm.

  4. Oh yes.  Won't argue with you there, Cin.  I do need help with that whole fishing thing.  


  5. 46 mph! Hey, we even get those mamby pamby things in the UK and we haven't been blown away yet. B.

  6. " Oh...  So, why the hell is every freakin' news channel treating it like it's the wrath of God bearing down on us? "



  7. Hi !

    I am returning from the dead ( read my new entry and you will understand why I said this ) anyway......I heard about Ernesto on the news and I think that the only thing that should be named Ernesto is a guy who teaches Latin Dancing don't you think ???

    I so love your entries.......I just thought you should know. Take care.

  8. dear Dan,
    ya! you've been checking NHC and reading Guidos' blog huh?
    Yeah I know! I was knda' weirded out when Guido started telling me that it probably wasn't even coming to the states and that if it came it woudl probably be jsuta storm! strange huh

  9. Wonderful journal. Thanks for visiting mine too! Have a good day.


  10. Very very true... poor weather people... they are all jonesing for something since they haven't had a hurricane yet this year and last year I think it was 10 by now... jeez.

    be well and happy Wednesday! (hump day...as we like to call it)

  11. Tuesday . . . what the hell it is Wednesday now . . .

          I didn't even know there was a "hurricane" around,
          man I am really outta the loop.

    Amanda :)

  12. Yeah, they DID rather look at me funny, then again, today's my first day back from vacation, and it's FRIDAY.   Pseudo-hurricane Ernesto is hitting us a lot today, but nothing like some of the other hurricanes that have been through here in the past.   http://www.weather.gov should have the latest/greatest info should you decide to care about it:)   lol
    -- Robin  

  13. miss you, kiddo

  14. aol alerts are down again, have'nt got an alert in 3 days now. hope all is well your way. (((hugs))))