Wednesday, August 2, 2006

You Need This Canada!

    It seems that in between stuffing his head with more Poutines and Labatt's than Canadian socialised medicine can adequately accept, my chum Paul has taken to picking on me in his journal by showing off his wireless Underwood, and challenging my dumb, American public-education addled brain to more obscure trivia than I can handle. 
    Not to worry.  I'm certain he's being kind and all.  And, being the friendly Yank that I am, I found this for him. 
    Look, Paul?  It's a sundeck for your igloo.  Now you can step out and enjoy the handful of days which constitute the Canadian summer.  And, even better, it's portable.  You can take it with you when you break down your igloo and trundle across the tundra in order to follow the seal meat your people so desperately need in order to survive.  And look!  They even have a blanket to keep their delicate Canadian backsides off the permafrost. 
    You need this.  We can't have you getting frostbite as you work on that tan of yours now, can we? 
Your pal,


  1. Shit . . . I NEED one of those! As a redneck I can apprechiate pieces of crap. :-D

    Amanda :)

  2. Oh yeah, I hear that thing comes with an attachable handle so you can shovel snow with it, too!

  3. I already got one!

    (aside): *heh heh, I told 'im I already got one.*

  4. I love when you and Paul duke it out!


    be well,

  5. lol so funny. I hope Paul likes it.

  6. uh an Underwood!/?!lol! Hey uh... whatcha supposed to be able to do on this thing Dan?uhhhhhhhhhhhh.... it's not big enough to eat on, it's not a trampoline..but it's in the sun !:):)

  7. History is a funny thing. Everybody has had their time on the top of the heap. Our African slaves of 1820 were the undisputed rulers of the world in 2000 BC. The Russians were a backwater joke until they smashed Hitler.

    That's why I advocate an invasion/annexation of Canada. It's only a matter of time before they get the upper hand somehow, and I'd rather have them as the 51st-55th states when they make that great leap forward.

    We'll never be stronger, and they'll never be weaker.