Monday, August 28, 2006

Meme Madness...

    I swiped this one from Paul (of course).   

1. A month before it happens you're told you're going to lose your memory. How do you prepare for it and do you attempt to regain what you've lost?

    Easy.  I call my ex-girlfriend and tell her she has a month to scrapbook my entire life, while I go out and do all sorts of morally reprehensible things for which I would normally feel eternally guilty.  And, with that in mind, I don't think I'd be all that anxious to regain those lost memories. 

2. How do you describe your outlook on life?

    Wretchedly ambivalent.

3. You fall in love with your soulmate, decide to get married, and then find out that person is going to die soon. Do you marry them anyway?

    Depends if she's filthy rich, and she's already put me in her will.  If that's the case, then I'd have to say yes.  If not, well...  how soon are we talking here? 

4. What are three of your favorite ice cream toppings?

    Whipped cream.  Chocolate syrup.  And, a big rib-eye steak grilled medium rare. 

5. Is there one article of clothing you love to wear no matter how out of style it is?

    Everything I wear is out of style --including my socks.

6. Is there one color you wish would go away in fashion?

    Yes.  All of them.    

7. What's the first department you head to when you go shopping in a department store?

    If I'm robbing the store, normally I'd head to sporting goods where they keep the hunting knives and shotguns.  If I'm not, then I usually make a bee-line to the electronics.  I'm a total gadget-freak.

8.How far away do you live from your parents?

    Depends on the time of year. 

9. Growing up, who was your favorite cartoon character?

    That's a toughie.  Maybe Woody Woodpecker, but I can't say for certain. 

10. You plan a romantic evening and everything goes wrong, including the fancy dinner you burned. What do you do?

    Laugh about it. 

11. What's the last thing you bought at the store?

    A whole lot of beer I didn't really drink, and a bunch of nightcrawlers that apparently scared the fish I was trying to catch. 

12. Have you ever walked out in the middle of a movie?


13. What celebrity do most people say you look like?

    No one.  But, I did have a girlfriend once who told me that Dave Matthews' character of Otis in the movie Because of Winn Dixie reminded her of me a bunch. 

14. Is there any piece of jewelry you always wear?

    I don't wear jewelry.  In fact, I still have to get my watch fixed.

15. Have you ever tried to pick someone up?

    Sure.  I spent a lot of time at O'Hare airport waiting for friends to arrive. 

16. What's the one thing you always manage to lose on your way out the door?

    My sense of security. 

17. Out of these creatures which one are you most afraid of:
A.) Snakes
B.) Spiders
C.) Rodents

    None of them.  I actually kind of like them all.  I grew up with snakes, rodents and spiders. 

18. What's the last gift you bought for a friend?

    A really nice coffee plunger. 

19. Do you ever buy people things for no reason?

    No.  There always has to be a reason --even if it's just to see them smile or remind them that they are on my mind. 

20.What's your favorite way to spend a lazy summer afternoon?

    Buying a wine funnel for Paul's wife.  Actually, I'm pretty fond of spending a lazy, summer afternoon in a hammock with a good book and a cold drink.  I know.  It's cliché, but don't underestimate it. 



  1. (why does Paul's wife need a wine funnel? Do her hands shake so bad she can't get the wine into a glass without spilling it?)
    Dan skip the socks all together and you'll be fashionable.

  2. Ok!  I can agree with ya Dan....if she's rich go ahead!  And you can just ass-can all the socks!  

  3. Unique questions... I've done a lot of surveys, but none quite as thought provoking!  Great answers!  Michelle

  4. Unique choice of ice cream topping...ribeye stk.  I personally prefer fries.
    Have a good week. Glad you got hinged.

  5. very funny Dan! lolololol!

  6. Hey!  There you are!!!

    be well,

  7. "My sense of security." - Dude, that's totally what I wanted to say, but I couldn't manage to put the sentiment in to words properly. Clearly, it was because you were using my brain at the time.

    Also, is that any way to speak about your brothers?

  8. Woody Woodpecker? He needs ritalin in a bad way. Didn't you watch Bullwinkle?

    #20--Heck yeh!