Saturday, August 19, 2006


    Well, my laptop is once again in the shop.  This time, it's there to have a hinge issue repaired.  Apparently, when they put it together, some monkey misthreaded the screws, and over time, they snapped like brittle little breadsticks. 

    Anyhow, I'm hoping to have it back in "about a week."  I'm sorry, but the updates to this thing will probably be few and far-between over the next week or so, but I will try to put some prattle up here when I can.  The thing is, I'm using this archaic, little heap of a PC, and typing on this keyboard is kind of like banging a couple of rocks together to make fire (but, I'd forgotten how attractive Windows 98 and AOL 7.0 were.  Sexy!). 

    Fortunately, this seems like a perfect time to step away and take a smidge of a break.  So, you all have fun, and I hope to see you here when I return.  I'm off to go stick my head in Lake Michigan. 



  1. Methinks you've been spoiled my friend. Just think yourself lucky your laptop isn't a Dell,  'special exploding edition'.
    Enjoy the break. B.

  2. I love your journal!!

    It's so different and...I dunno how to describe it. Just the look of it is very modern and cool!

    Great stuff!!


  3. Just when I did an entry about chicken fried bacon!!!!! You have to come over and read it!  Alas, Poor Yorick we'll miss you.  

  4. Hi...first time here. :o) I really like your journal. :o)

  5. Don't forget to hold your breath!

    Enjoy your mini break!

    Amanda :)

  6. Oh sure, I get back from vacation and you go take one. ENJOY! Make sure you swab your lips with plenty of alcohol to offset the Lake germs.

  7. now who really gives a chit people must be really hard up for things to do

  8. While I am terribly sorry your laptop is ill, I was happy to see that while I was away on vacation... I didn't miss much here!  lol

    be well,