Friday, August 4, 2006

Hello Friday!

Happy hour, here I come!    Yes.  I start off the week as Mild-Mannered Dan, but by the time Friday afternoon rolls around, it's a bloody mad dash to the ATM and an all out race to find a decent happy hour with a mountain of chicken wings that glow like the Holy freakin' Grail.  Even a dish of peanuts would be acceptible so long as the beer's cold, the music's not too loud and turn your phone off, or I will eat your brains!  Dig? 



  1. I do dig Dan, I do dig.  B.

  2. Whoa!  I'm diggin it alright!  6 feet under and then some! lol


  3. Sorry... last comment from me...

    be well,

  4. So, much like my hubby, huh??  But, he doesn't drink so it is N/A beer.  We went to Hooters tonight for wings with the boys and my parents.  My dd was at her friends house, but she loves wings too.  It was heavenly except for the noise!  OMG, they had the stereo blasting!!!

  5. I'm diggin the mountain of hot wings and ice cold beer!  I usually pour my beer over ice.  The colder the better!  Is that wrong?  I think not!

    Ugh! Have ya ever really eaten a brain sandwich? There's this bar up the road that advertises brain sandwiches. Yuk! Sounds kinda nasty if ya ask me.
    I'll stick with the chicken wings thankyouverymuch!

    ~Terry Ü

  6. sounds good to me.

  7. Is it just me - or does that front Zombie possess quite a non-dead, pinkened belly? Hmmm?