Monday, August 28, 2006


Mother of fatally shaken child drinks, sings at bar
Posted: Aug. 25, 2006

From her barstool, Anissa Francis and the 30 or so other patrons at Jug's Hitching Post had just finished watching news accounts Monday night of her friend being charged with shaking her 6-month-old daughter to death, when someone started up the jukebox and Eddie Money's "Shakin' " blared out.

"It was weird. Everyone was just in awe," Jug's owner Jason Jug said Friday, noting that the song was played by another customer who didn't know what had happened.
    I swear, some people shouldn't be allowed to have children.  But, from what I gleaned after reading this article, I'm thinking she deserved to hear that damn, annoying song. 
    I know.  I'm kind of cruel that way, but after reading the article, it's clear this woman is a genuine piece of trash, and I'm pretty happy that her surviving child was taken away from her.   Your thoughts? 


  1. People like them should be sterilized PERIOD.

  2. This gal clearly has no rights/reasons being one who procurates!  I say Nip it, nip it in the bud.........!

  3. Where was this?  

    I'm afraid to speak of it... that's how I managed to get fired.  By talking about an exact same situation that happened out here in California in June.

    I plead the 5th!


  4. She didn't shake the baby. Well, at least not that time. Granted she let the person who did kill her child in her home or whatever and no doubt she's an unfit mother.Hopefully the DA can bring a charge of child endangerment or something against her. She'll get hers. In the bar or somewhere else. Bad taste award of the week.

  5. Gotta have a license to drive, license to fish, license to hunt, gotta pass tests to teach, nurse or doctor, but any $2 'ho loser imbecile can have a child with another.  Just wrong.  So sad and wrong.

    be well,

    ps...hope you are feeling okay and your PA is behaving

  6. I have always loathed any form of child abuse but having recently learned that I am going to be a dad in february this story really sickens me. I would gladly lead any linch mob going after someone who harms a child.

  7. I say we stick her on the Rockin' Rollercoaster in Disney World for a few days.  

  8. My thoughts are if you think this is bad, you need to read my entry from the other day . . .

    Some people just deserve to be shot.

    Amanda :)

  9. That is horrible. I had not heard of this story. How can she sit there in a bar and drink. Insane I tell you. I agree with the other comment we have to take test for just about everything but not to have kids.